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The Science Behind NuSpecies

NuSpecies nutritional formulas and the way we guide our clients to rebuild their health are both designed and implemented by following the laws of chemistry and physics. Don’t let the concepts of chemistry and physics intimidate you. You already know a lot of chemistry and physics intuitively. In fact, you’ve probably belittled a lot of that knowledge by labeling it, “common sense.”

Consider this:

“Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification.” ~ Martin H. Fischer

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

In honor of simplicity, these are some of the ways the laws of chemistry and physics govern all that NuSpecies does:

1. All our organs and body systems are connected and dependent on each other. To rebuild your health, or achieve a specific health goal with significant and long-term results, it’s necessary to see your problem as the symptom of damage or decay somewhere down the line in those connections. Trying to stimulate or suppress one isolated part of your body to achieve a result, often doesn’t work at all, and if it does, the results are limited and often don’t last very long. When you’re working with NuSpecies, we track down the source or root of your problem, symptom, or disease

2. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, proteins, etc. are being used all at once every day by the body in the trillions of chemical reactions that keep you alive and feeling as good as possible. There are some benefits to stimulating the body with higher doses of any one of these bio-chemicals to achieve a reaction from the body. Again, NuSpecies’ specialty, and passion, is to use whole food sources where all these nutritional and chemical components are naturally occurring in the doses and portions relative to each other that nature intended.

Give the body the most comprehensive, natural, potent, and pure source of the tools it needs and your body will go to work for you. The dominating attitude these days in the medical industry, and even among a lot of integrative and natural practitioners, is that the body isn’t doing it right, so we must intervene and tell it what to do, with the tools we decide it needs. This may be true in emergency interventions, like life-saving surgeries and medications or when someone needs a kickstart to move towards the right path.

In the bigger picture and for the long haul, NuSpecies believes the body is always trying to do its best, but that our lifestyles and choices are what cause the burdens that lead to the breakdown of your health.  NuSpecies process is to help you minimize those burdens through education and action plans and provide the body the tools it needs with our nutritional formulas and the body will take it from there.

NuSpecies Formulas

Raw. Organic. natural. whole food extracts. liquid nutrional formulas

Human Body

NuSpecies’ Nutritional Formulas are designed to support your body systems to function optimally, for example, assist with health blood flow, empower the immune system, support hormonal balance, support efficient detoxification, empower the absorption of nutrients into your cells, and much more. NuSpecies formulas aren’t remedies and we don’t focus on symptoms.  We are empowering your body to rebuild itself starting from the root cause of your problem.

If you’re here because you have an expectation of a specific result, then you must:

Book a free consultation with one of NuSpecies’ medical practitioners.

Bring in or fax ahead of time your most recent blood work or whatever labs, scans, or documents are necessary for our medical practitioner to get a full understanding of what is going on in your body.

The we will:

Create a custom combination of our formulas to meet your needs, expectations, and budget.

Provide some lifestyle and diet guidance to remove some of the largest obstacles to rebuilding your health.

Stay in touch throughout your work with us to make sure you’re getting results and to provide adjustments and further guidance when necessary.

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Aston is a scientist whose study of chemistry and physics continued with innumerable experiments (building prototypes and formulas) in chemistry and physics long after graduating from Long Island University. He invents NuSpecies’ flagship formulas and founded the NuSpecies companies.

Aston has been granted numerous patents by the USPTO in physics and technologies. His practice of a natural lifestyle hardened after he watched helplessly as his father died from prostate cancer. His resolve to make a difference strengthened when his mother died soon after from the complications of diabetes. That other family members also died young from these diseases and not Good Old Age signaled the limits of medical science and the necessity of also relying on our body's biochemistry to rebuild and detoxify itself. 

His thoughtful inventions in organic chemistry to improve human health inspire his collaboration with doctors and biochemists leading to the manufacture of LNu and other NuSpecies’ raw, natural, and organic formulas from whole foods plant extracts. Aston is also an attorney licensed to practice law in NY and other states.

He graduated from Syracuse College of Law and began his corporate life at a major Wall Street Law Firm doing Mergers and Acquisitions globally. From there he was recruited into IBM’s Legal Department and negotiated Outsourcing Deals in over a hundred countries.

The untimely deaths of his father, mother and two brothers from chronic diseases led to his resignation from IBM. He founded NuSpecies to help those with cancer and other chronic diseases. The NuSpecies companies are dedicated to helping life forms to live healthier and longer, to promote the natural habitat and ecology of Earth. Thus his other patented inventions in Alternative Energy. NuSpecies has already helped thousands around the world to live better and longer. 

JILLIAN PELLICCIO- Executive Vice President


Jillian joined the founder of NuSpecies after he invented the flagship formula and she led the effort to grow NuSpecies from house calls to 5 locations from NY to GA. Jillian manages all the operations of the company.

Meet The Team

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