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How to Watch the Livestream on NuSpecies' App

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
How to Watch the Livestream on NuSpecies' App

EDITED APRIL 2022: Are you an iPhone user having trouble chatting with us during the livestream? Read this article for assistance.


When you want to watch or participate in a NuSpecies Livestream, open the NuSpecies app.

Go to the upper left hand corner and open the menu.

In the navigation menu, click "The NuSpecian Live" or "Aston's Office Hours"

Wait for the event to start!


Chat With Us During The NuSpecian Live!

Tune in on the NuSpecies app as CEO Aston and Executive VP Jillian discuss everything NuSpecian.

Aston and Jillian will discuss topics exclusive to this show and give you access to discounts and promotions that aren’t available anywhere else.

Only on the NuSpecies app! 9:30-10am (ET) , Thursdays & Fridays.


💬 You can now chat Aston & Jillian live during the show! Chat your questions and comments and they’ll do their best to respond on-air!

These discussions are only available live as they air, but we made two exceptions. In the Livestream Archive section of the app, you can see our episode dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our premiere episode with video.

Download the NuSpecies app now!

Apple App Store

Google Play

Start watching by either clicking “Tune in Live” on the homepage of the app,

…or go to “The NuSpecian Live!” on the navigation menu.

Turn on your app notifications for a reminder before it starts.

Want to tune in on your computer? Visit the web version of the app here.

What would you like to hear Aston and Jillian talk about on The NuSpecian Live?


Aston’s Virtual Office Hours has moved!

No more Zoom meetings!

Aston’s Virtual Office Hours is now hosted as a video livestream right on the NuSpecies app where you can watch and chat your questions in during the stream.

Aston's Virtual Office Hours


View Aston's Virtual Office Hours Schedule

You don’t need to register anymore, but you can submit suggestions for presentation topics to our Media Director, Kayla Bowen, at

Download the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

You can also tune in on the web version of the app here.

Turn on your app notifications for a reminder before it starts!


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