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May's Seminar Topic: Women's Health

Posted by Olivia Pelliccio on
May's Seminar Topic: Women's Health

The Link Between Fibroid Tumors and Breast Cancer

Our reproductive system is very susceptible to cancers and tumors caused by hormonal imbalances and environmental factors. There is a plausible link between Breast Cancer and Uterine Fibroids that has been realized by experts: having uterine fibroids can increase your risk of getting breast cancer. Knowing the reasons for this link, empowers you to make healthier and wise choices. Join us to learn what exactly connects uterine fibroids and breast cancer as well as the choices you can start making right away to support your body in fighting against this phenomenon.

Brooklyn Health Center

9522 SEAVIEW AVENUE BROOKLYN, NY 11236 Dr. Kayanne McDermott Fri. 5/24 & Mon. 5/27 @ 6pm

Elmont Health Center


Dr. Claudia Guy

Fri. 5/24 & Sun. 5/26 @ 6pm

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