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Meet NuSpecies' MD

Posted by Kayla Bowen on
Meet NuSpecies' MD

Dr. Luna Amelingmeier

Dr. Luna was raised around medicine. Growing up, her father practiced natural medicine so she saw first hand how herbs could help heal people. Inspired by her father, Luna decided to go into the medical field herself and practice western medicine.

Before NuSpecies, Dr. Luna worked as a traveling physician where she saw patients of all ages with varying health issues. In one of Luna's most recent positions, she worked on an Indian Reserve where she used a mix of herbs and western medicine to help her patients.

During her career she has worked with patients in both outpatient and hospital settings, overseeing care. Luna volunteered to join the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti where she worked with local clinics to treat patients in need. Since, she has participated in a number of volunteer activities in the Dominican Republic and worldwide; helping support provision of health, educational, and housing resources to those living in poverty.

Dr. Luna loves being a part of the NuSpecies team and helping clients reach their health goals.

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