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Maintain Your Health

Can you answer yes to some or all of these?

  • I have no significant symptoms or discomforts that I’m looking to address.
  • I get a yearly physical and there are no signs of health issues.
  • I have recent blood work that show no sign of health issues.
  • I want to support my current health status with nutrition from NuSpecies’ herbal extracts and/or vitamins and minerals formulas.
  • My health isn’t perfect, but I’d like to start nourishing my body systems.

Keep Your Health in Good Shape

Whether your health is in great shape or not so perfect, this is a great place to start your NuSpecies lifestyle. NuSpecies vitamins and minerals will nourish your body systems and reduce deficiencies and minimize damage.

Anyone can choose to Maintain with NuSpecies. No matter what your body is dealing with, it’s always better to do something than nothing!

Picture This

Imagine a pool in a backyard surrounded by trees. The summer has ended and the school year has begun and everyone is too busy to remember to put the cover back on the pool and the leaves start to fall.

The first week or so, while still in summer mode, you continue to go out there and skim the leaves off the top of the pool water with the intention to cover the pool “this weekend.” As weeks pass and more and more leaves fall, you give up on cleaning it. You eventually forget that you still haven’t covered the pool. The leaves that were floating at the top have become waterlogged, sunk to the bottom of the pool and created a layer of mud. Eventually, the rest of the pool water becomes dark with leaves floating at every level.

You finally decide you have to cover the pool before the winter freezes the water and destroys the pool, but now you have a big mess. You look at your standard size pool skimmer and have a decision to make.

1. Work with what you have to minimize the damage and help the pool get cleaner day-by-day.
2. Buy a bigger skimmer, maybe multiple skimmers so everyone can help, and improve the situation as much as possible.
3. Hire professionals to come and rehabilitate the pool water to quickly return it back to clean, clear water to get through the winter without any problems.

Now, switch out the pool for your body systems, the leaves are the toxins that are damaging your health and the neglect of the pool represents the lack of nutrition and healthy practices in your lifestyle. The winter represents any illness that can develop and destroy your health if you don’t strengthen your body against it. And the skimmer is NuSpecies. Your choices are 1. Maintain 2. Improve or 3. Rebuild.

No matter how broken down your health may be, getting started and doing something is better than letting the situation get worse. Every day you aren’t working to support your body, your health is getting worse.

About NuSpecies Products

NuSpecies vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and nutritional formulas are potent and pure. Our whole food plant ingredients are the high quality your body needs to actually make an impact on your health. NuSpecies believes that nourishment is a feeling, not just numbers on a report. We believe nature’s power should be utilized, not synthesized. Nature’s power should be a catalyst, not just a supplement.

That’s why NuSpecies formulas are made with the most strict standards:

  • Raw– The plants are extracted through a cold press process. No heat is used to process the plants.
  • Natural– No artificial preservatives or any additives. No synthetic ingredients are used. Our formulas are made with vegetable glycerin, plants and vitamins and minerals extracted from whole food sources.
  • Organic and Wildcrafted– Organic means the plants we source are from farms that do not use synthetic or chemical herbicides, larvicides, pesticides, or fertilizers. It also means that certain standards are followed to ensure the soil is rich with nutrients to pass onto the plants. Wildcrafted means that some of the herbs have been harvested from their natural environment and were not farmed by humans.
  • Liquid– Liquid, as opposed to tablets and capsules, absorbs more completely and faster into the body. All of our formulas, except for the Bee Pollen extract, are alcohol-free.
  • Whole Food– The plants themselves are used as the ingredients in the formula. We extract from all usable parts of the plants (roots, stem, leaves, seeds, fruit, etc.) to ensure the highest nutritional diversity possible.

See our most popular MAINTAIN formulas below.


Hear from NuSpecies’ clients who are Maintaining their health.

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