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Our Services

Our Services

Free Consultation

To get started with NuSpecies, you’ll likely fall under one of two categories. 1. You’re healthy and just need high quality vitamins & minerals or 2. You’re looking for a specific health result and need a consultation. This first session is designed to assess the status of your health, your goals, decide whether you want to work with us and if we can help you, and ultimately custom design your NuSpecies cleansing & rebuilding program.

Labs & Medications

Whether it’s your first consultation or a follow-up visit, you’ll have a NuSpecies’ medical practitioner by your side. During your visits your medical consultant will analyse your blood work and other labs or scans you may have, review your medications, take your vitals when necessary, continuously track and manage your progress with NuSpecies formulas and any lifestyle changes you’ve been assigned. When desired or necessary, your NuSpecies medical practitioner can stay in sync with your primary care doctor or other specialists. NuSpecies stores all your health information and communications in a HIPAA certified system.

NuSpecies Formulas

Our nutritional formulas were invented by our founder, Aston Farquharson, with the assistance of our team of herbalists, biochemists, and doctors. The product line developed over the last 10 years to meet the needs of our growing and diverse client base. NuSpecies formulas are designed to support the body systems to cleanse and rebuild by addressing the root causes of damage and decay in your body. If you’re just looking to maintain or refine your health, you can get started with any of our vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts or detoxifying formulas. If you need specific results, book your free consultation and we’ll customize a program for you.

Lifestyle Change

There are many factors to consider when deciding which lifestyle changes will be most impactful for you. Your blood work, your symptoms, your diagnosis, your likes and dislikes, your current habits, and much more. Your NuSpecies medical practitioner will customize lifestyle changes for you, if any are needed, after getting to know your overall health better and seeing how your body responds to your nutritional formulas.

NuSpecies is a right fit for you if you believe:

  1. Your body is powerful, biochemical molecule of Nature that can rebuild itself if you give it the right biochemical tools.
  2. Health is achieved through providing your body pure and potent nutrition and empowering detoxification.
  3. It took years to break your body to break down and it’s going to take time and effort to build it back up.
  4. Remedies are for symptoms. To rebuild your health with powerful, longer term results, you must support the body from the root causes of the issue. Remedies will not do.
  5. Nutritional formulas should work with your body, not in spite of it. You cannot force your body to prioritize or focus on what you want to fix. You have to give your body sufficient support to account for all the burdens it faces and then let your body do the work.

All of our clients that have accurately and consistently followed their custom rebuilding program have seen results.


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