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The Science Behind NuSpecies

NuSpecies' nutritional formulas and the way we guide our clients to rebuild their health are both designed and implemented by following the laws of chemistry and physics. Don’t let the concepts of chemistry and physics intimidate you. You already know a lot of chemistry and physics intuitively. You may refer to it as “common sense.”

In honor of simplicity, these are some of the ways the laws of chemistry and physics govern all that NuSpecies does:

All our organs and body systems are connected and dependent on each other. To rebuild your health, or achieve a specific health goal with significant and long-term results, first you must reframe your disease as a symptom of the damage or decay of those connections.

Isolating one body system or organ with the goal of stimulating or suppressing it doesn’t work well, if at all. If it does, the results are limited and often don’t last very long. When you’re working with NuSpecies, we use all the information you provide to identify the source of your problem. Once we agree on a plan, your practitioner will make a recommendation of NuSpecies’ formulas that will support your body to fix the problem itself.

Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, proteins, etc. are being used all at once every day by the body in the trillions of chemical reactions that keep you alive and feeling as good as possible.

There are some benefits to stimulating the body with higher doses of any one of these bio-chemicals to achieve a reaction from the body. The results, if any, will be temporary.

NuSpecies’ specialty is to use whole foods as the source of  these nutrients because we achieve formulas that reflect the naturally occurring balance of all the nutrients nature can provide in the doses and portions relative to each other that nature intended.

Give the body the most comprehensive, natural, potent, and pure form of the tools it needs and your body will go to work for you.

The dominating attitude these days in the medical industry, and even among a lot of integrative and natural practitioners, is that the body isn’t doing it right, so we must intervene and tell it what to do, with the tools we decide it needs. This may be true in emergency interventions, like life-saving surgeries and medications or when someone needs a kickstart in the right direction.

In the bigger picture and for the long haul, NuSpecies believes the body is always trying to do its best, but that your lifestyle and choices are creating a chronic burden on your body that leads to the breakdown of your health over time.  NuSpecies' process is to help you minimize those burdens through education and action plans and provide your body with the tools it needs to correct itself.