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Liquid B-Vitamins Complex with Vitamin C

Liquid B-Vitamins Complex with Vitamin C


NuSpecies B-Vitamins & Vitamin C is liquid, raw, natural, organic, and extracted from non GMO whole foods. 3 Month Supply

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Natural Vegetable Glycerine
Pantothenic Acid
Folic Acid
Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)

NuSpecies B-Vitamins & Vitamin C is:
Extracted from non GMO whole foods
B12 is produced by bacteria

NuSpecies provides the full B-Vitamins Complex for all stages of maintaining, improving and rebuilding health.

NuSpecies B-Vitamins formula includes Vitamin C, which helps to support the immune system.
The B-Vitamins in our formula are extracted from non GMO whole food plant based sources, except for the B12, which is produced by bacteria.

The combination of the B-Vitamins Complex and Vitamin C support your body in fully absorbing and utilizing the nutrients.

This formulation is used as a multivitamin on a daily basis.

The B-Vitamins support brain health, whether it is for focus, positive thinking or energy.
The B-Vitamins stimulate the production of “feel good” hormones and can support your body in dealing with health challenges that stem from the brain like depression, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.
The B-Vitamins support the production of blood.
The B-Vitamins also helps rebuild and strengthen the building blocks of your hair, skin and nails.

Niacin Flush
When taking B-Vitamins you may experience what is commonly known as the Niacin flush. Niacin (B3) temporarily stimulates your blood to flow close to the skin. This can cause a warm/hot, itchy sensation. This is completely normal, healthy and usually only lasts a few minutes. It doesn’t happen to everyone or every time B-Vitamins are taken.

Blood Flow
Because B-Vitamins stimulate blood flow, on rare occasions when a client has started to use them for the first time, they’ve reported temporarily experiencing palpitations. If this happens, just lower the dose and slowly increase back to the suggested dose over a week or two to give your body time to adjust.

Neon Urine
The B Vitamins may also make your urine neon yellow. This is natural and it doesn’t mean that your body’s not absorbing it.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Suggested Use:
Shake Well

Serving Size:1 tsp adults - increase as needed (½ tsp children 6 & older)

Servings per Container: 90


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