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LNu25 – “Super Caveman”

LNu25 – “Super Caveman”


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NuSpecies LNu 25 “Super Caveman” is our most potent addition to our product line. It is an upgraded version of LNu16 “Caveman”, designed to be nutritionally potent enough for some with dangerously broken down health. Even those in the worst health condition can plan on seeing health improvements in a reasonable period of time. LNu25, like all our nutritional formulas, promotes the cleansing, nourishing and rebuilding of all the organs and body systems. LNu25, if taken by tablespoon, is an extremely powerful two week supply. Adjust your dose depending on the status of your health and your expectations. It generally takes up to three months to properly cleanse your blood, so it is important to be consistent with whichever regimen you choose for at least that long. If you choose to take less than the recommended dosage, you will be on a more casual program, in which you will be working with NuSpecies for a longer period of time. LNu25 completely provide more than enough of all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, phytonutrients, phytochemicals, etc that your body needs on a daily basis for health maintenance or rebuilding. Provide multivitamins, multiminerals, antioxidants, and enzymes – our most powerful blend. Designed to promote the rebuilding of a dangerously broken down body.

Ingredients: Natural Vegetable Glycerine Graviola Pau d’Arco Hawthorne Berry Garlic Barley Grass Alfalfa Parsley Wheat Grass Extra B Complex Extra Vitamin C NuSpecies Proprietary Blend

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SHAKE WELL. Adults: One Tablespoon Daily Children: One Teaspoon Daily

Unless otherwise directed by your NuSpecies Health Consultant.


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