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LNu4 – “Exodus”

LNu4 – “Exodus”


Full body nutrition for those maintaining their health or a legitimate filler when your usual package is not in the budget. This is a great option for all.

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Exodus is a budget-friendly version of Caveman, one of our most potent formula. The small dose provided by the dropper of Exodus’ 2 oz. bottle, will provide all the daily nourishment required by the body. Exodus has two main uses: 1. For healthy people who desire a potent, raw, natural, organic, liquid supplement. Exodus is an affordable option that offers high-quality nutritional power. 2. For NuSpeciesians whose normal nutritional regimen costs them over $100 a month. When a month arises where the budget is tight, instead of skipping a month and risking a regression in their rebuilding process, Exodus allows them to stay within the budget while legitimately bridging the gap between their regular packages

Ingredients: Natural Vegetable Glycerine Graviola Pau d’Arco Hawthorne Berry Garlic Barley Grass Alfalfa Wheat Grass Parsley Extra B Complex Extra Vitamin C NuSpecies Proprietary Blend

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Weight .35 lbs

There are two reasons to buy this size. #1 You are perfectly healthy and a small amount works for you. #2 You need a budget friendly solution until you can buy the LNu Formula that you really need.

Instructions #1: SHAKE WELL 1/2 - Full Tube Daily (Bottle will last 20-40 days)

Instructions #2: SHAKE WELL If you can buy the bottle every week or two than ignore dropper and Pour 1 tsp - 1 tbsp into a measuring cup daily. Replenish bottle as your budget allows. Bottle will last 4-12 days. If money is very tight and you need the bottle to last a month, than follow Instructions #1.


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