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Vitamin D&A – Wild Caught Cod Liver Oil

Vitamin D&A – Wild Caught Cod Liver Oil


NuSpecies’ Vitamin D&A comes from the whole food source of raw, wild caught cod liver oil. It comes in veggie capsules that are easy to digest and is a great source of Vitamin D, A, and Omega Fatty Acids.

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Serving Size: Per 4 Capsules
Servings per container: 30
•Vitamin A as Palmitate – 5000 IU
•Vitamin D-3 – 540 IU
•Cod Liver Oil – 1080 mg
•Omega Fatty Acid Content:
•EPA 120 mg
•DHA 108 mg
Other Ingredients: Vegetable Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin

• Safe, whole food source of Vitamin D&A
• Cold Pressed for higher potency and purity
• General health nutrition, disease nutrition, or pregnancy support
• Supports digestive health, immune system 
strength, skin health and more.
• Supports the body to reduce inflammation
• Good source of Omega Fatty Acids
• Raw, Wild crafted, Natural
• Veggie Capsules

Vitamin D

Your body produces Vitamin D when your skin is exposed to the sun. For many reasons, your lifestyle may not allow you exposure to the sun for long enough periods of time on a daily basis; therefore, your body isn’t producing enough Vitamin D for optimal health. If you look at your most recent blood work for your Vitamin D level, take notice of the number, but ignore the acceptable range. Most labs and the medical industry accept as normal Vitamin D levels that are far too low (around 30). Medical Labs invariably state that levels above 30 are good. Low is below 50. Ideal is between 60 and 80. Vitamin D is necessary for a powerful immune system, so if you have a weak immune system or a low white blood cell count, you should be taking higher doses of NuSpecies’ Vitamin D&A. Please see “How To Use”. A low Vitamin D level is a common denominator of many illnesses, especially health issues stemming from poorly functioning glands (especially the reproductive glands) and autoimmune diseases.

It’s crucial for women to have robust Vitamin D levels during pregnancy for the health of their growing fetus and while breastfeeding for the health of the growing infant. NuSpecies’ Vitamin D&A is safe during pregnancy. Pregnant women can also benefit from the omega fatty acids provided by the raw, wild caught cod liver oil.

In our experience, our clients with sufficient levels of Vitamin D experience faster improvements to their health.
NuSpecies’ Vitamin D&A comes from the whole food source of raw, wild caught cod liver oil. Cod liver oil has been popular for many reasons, but many people don’t know that wild caught cod liver oil in its raw form is also a source of Vitamin D&A and that’s why we use it. NuSpecies’ strives to use a whole food source that’s more appropriate for human digestion, as opposed to the many synthetic forms of Vitamin D available. We don’t add preservatives or chemicals, and the cod liver oil doesn’t go through any processing that would damage the nutritional value. The cod liver oil is salvaged from the fishing that is already occurring. If we don’t have it harvested and purchased, it would otherwise be thrown away!

Most Fish Oil is either synthetic–meaning it’s completely man-made–or is made from fish that were farm raised in manmade conditions, so the oil derived from them is lacking in nutritional value. NuSpecies sources our fish oil exclusively from wild caught cod. Other benefits of using cod liver oil are that it naturally contains vitamin A and Omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamin A is essential to safely process Vitamin D in the body because, without it, Vitamin D can become toxic to your body.  Many other Vitamin D supplements add in synthetic Vitamin A, which only makes the situation more toxic. This is why NuSpecies strives to source all our vitamins and minerals from a whole food source. We want to benefit from the ancient wisdom of nature and how these nutrients were created and meant to be consumed by humans.

Our Vitamin D is encapsulated in a vegetable gelatin capsule, so it dissolves very easily and shouldn’t cause any digestive discomfort. We encapsulate the fish oil because it is raw and the smell and taste can be harder to tolerate in liquid form, although we’re working to providing it in liquid form as well. Contact if you’d like to let us know your preference for liquid.

If you don’t consume animals or their by-products, you can also get Vitamin D from our LNu formula as it is a comprehensive source of all nutrients the body needs to maintain, improve or rebuild health.

Vitamin A

Retinol is the pure, complete form of Vitamin A. Retinol is created by the liver. Retinol is made of 8 compounds or “family members”. Depending on the source of vitamin A you consume, you’re either ingesting a version of vitamin a that is more or less complete for your liver to utilize to produce retinol. For example, beta carotene is commonly sold as vitamin A, but beta carotene has only a few of the compounds that make up retinol, so it’s an inefficient source. Your liver has to work extra hard and needs a very large amount of beta carotene to create a small amount of retinol for use in your body. Palmitate, on the other hand, has most of the compounds that make up retinol, and the body can easily create Retinol from Palmitate. Palmitate is manufactured in the liver of the codfish and it’s 99% complete in becoming retinol. Palmitate is easily used by the body to create sufficient amounts of retinol for immediate use by the body.

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs

Dosage: 4 capsules daily- increase as needed

For those with deficient levels, it’s common to take 4 capsules,

3x’s daily until their blood work shows their levels have risen to a healthy number.


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