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Rebuild Your Health

Does some or all of this describe you?

  • I am diagnosed with a health condition and I believe my body can rebuild itself so I no longer have this health condition
  • I have a serious health condition and don’t want medical treatment.
  • I have a serious health condition and all medical options have failed me, so I’m ready to go the natural way.
  • I have a serious health condition and don’t want to rely only on my medical options.
  • I need to avoid a serious progression of my health condition (i.e. diabetes causing kidney failure)

Rebuilding your health requires layers of actions over a period of 6 months – 2 years. We’ll support you the whole way. From your first consultation and your custom combination of rebuilding nutritional formulas, to your new client orientation, ongoing blood work analysis and coordination with your medical care.


To get the most out of your free consultation:
Bring blood work and medical records.
Make a list of all your discomforts and goals that you’d like to address.
Make a list or take pictures of all medications and supplements you’re currently taking.

For more information regarding the difference between using individual herbs and nutrients and using NuSpecies whole food nutritional formulations, read our article here.


Hear from NuSpecies’ clients who are Maintaining their health.

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