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For Doctors

It’s likely you’ve come to our website because you have a patient that’s using our products and you want to know more. We’re glad you’re here!

Our goal is to support our clients' overall health and help our clients live a longer and better life by providing pure, safe, potent, and effective nutritional support for their body systems. We encourage our clients to communicate with their doctors, understand their labs, radiology reports, and other medical reports, as well as the medications that they take.

We strongly implore our clients to be consistent with their medical care and stay on their medications prescribed by their doctors while pursuing nutritional support for their body. Below is a list of what you need to know about NuSpecies’ formulas:

Common Questions NuSpecies Receives from Medical Doctors

1. Is NuSpecies FDA approved and/or regulated by the FDA?

NuSpecies formulas are manufactured in the USA with ingredients from around the world. All the ingredients in NuSpecies’ formulas are on the FDA’s GRAS list (General Recognized as Safe). NuSpecies’ manufacturing facility and processes are highly regulated by the FDA. Our ingredients and formulas go through several layers of 3rd party testing that guarantee there are no contaminants present and that every batch maintains the same ingredient and nutritional consistency of the supplements facts listed on the label’s chart.

2. Will NuSpecies ingredients interact with my patient’s treatments or medications?

We don’t have any cases of NuSpecies’ formulas interacting negatively with a client’s medication or treatment. Our ingredients are whole foods and are assimilated into the body just like food. NuSpecies’ Doctors always tell our clients to share their NuSpecies program with all of their medical practitioners and are happy to speak with you if you have further questions regarding what your patient is taking.

3. Will NuSpecies’ formulas negatively affect my patient’s procedure or surgery?

We don’t have any cases where our formulas have had a negative interaction with a client’s procedure or surgery. In cases where our client or our client’s doctor wanted to be particularly prudent, our client stopped using the NuSpecies formulas for the few days before and after a procedure or surgery.

4. What kind of supplements are these?

Among the reasons why NuSpecies' products are so safe is because they’re liquid formulas made from organic, whole food ingredients that have been cold processed. The plant extracts are sustained in vegetable glycerin and no synthetic additives, preservatives or fillers are added, yielding a truly natural and pure product. Because the plant enzymes are intact in the final product, the formulas are digested and assimilated easily into the body.