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Welcome to NuSpecies

I’m proud of what we’ve created and I hope you choose us to serve your health needs.

I’ve gone from M&A’s on Wall Street to global outsourcing deals at IBM. I’ve also been granted numerous patents by the USPTO in physics and technologies. My father’s death from prostate cancer and mother’s from diabetes led me to invent NuSpecies’ nutritional formulas. It brings me true fulfillment to put this invention towards helping thousands of people with diseases to live better and longer lives. I look forward to helping you too.


/ President and CEO of NuSpecies
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    Years of experience

    From our herbalist to our founder, we have over 50 years of experience using whole food herbal extracts to help people support their health goals.
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    New York (Beacon, Westchester, Long Island, Brooklyn) and Georgia…and growing.
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    medical practitioners & NUTRITIONISTS

    Bridging the gap in health care between the natural and medical industries. Book an appointment and meet your NuSpecies Medical Practitioners and Nutritionists. 
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Selling products is never the measure of our success changing one life at a time for the better is.

Health Care By NuSpecies

360 Degrees of Support- Bridging Natural and Medical Health Care

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To get started with NuSpecies, you’ll likely fall under one of two categories. 1. You’re…

Labs & Medications

Whether it’s your first consultation or a follow-up visit, you’ll have a NuSpecies’ medical practitioner…

NuSpecies Formulas

Our nutritional formulas were invented by our founder, Aston Farquharson, with the assistance of our…

Lifestyle Change

There are many factors to consider when deciding which lifestyle changes will be most impactful…

NuSpecies Formulas

Raw. Organic. natural. whole food extracts. liquid nutrional formulas

Human Body

    Help Rebuild the body

    Your body is a powerful, biochemical molecule of Nature that can rebuild itself if you give it the right biochemical tools.



    It took years to break your body and it's going to take time and effort to rebuild it to optimum levels. Health is achieved through providing your body pure and potent nutrition with empowering detoxification.


    the root causes

    Remedies are for symptoms. To rebuild your health with powerful, longer-term results, you must support the body from the root causes of the issue. Remedies will not do.


    Working with your body

    Nutritional formulas should work with your body, not in spite of it. You cannot force your body to prioritize or focus on what you want to fix. You have to give your body sufficient support to account for all the burdens it faces and then let your body do the work. Your DNA created itself. Yes, your DNA can recreate or rebuild from damages to cells and tissues. 

Serving Communities

Our Natural Health Centers offer flexible services to ensure everyone has access to all of their health care options.

Your first session is designed to assess the status of your health, your goals. 

In the neighborhood? Have you been wondering what NuSpecies is all about? Come on in!

Our team of medical practitioners, nutritionists, consultants, and coaches are all here to support you and your health goals.

Our packages are developed to help you rebuild your health and are based on general health complications

We're open 7 days per week from 11am-7pm, our way of providing flexible services to meet the health needs of our communities.

Need a pick me up? Or a way to get your NuSpecies formula without an upfront cost? Visit our Shot Bar.

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