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NuSpecies' Operation Updates - COVID

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
NuSpecies' Operation Updates - COVID

In light of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, our locations have reinstated curbside pickup only. 

We'll keep you informed of business hour fluctuations for each location as they arise through app notifications and emails. NuSpecies' app is updated as soon as any variation in business hours occurs.

A properly fitting mask is required for service.

images showing that the only acceptable way to wear a mask is over your mouth and nose.

Curbside Pickup Process

  1. You can order in advance by calling client services at 1-845-440-7458 OR you can come to our location at your convenience.
  2. If you have questions about what you need to buy, please try and figure that out with client services before coming to the location so that you don't have to stand at the door with the employee and increase each other's exposure by having a longer conversation.
  3. At the location, you'll remain outside the door. There will be an acrylic barrier and a table between you and the employee, so you won't be able to enter.
  4. The employee will come to the door and ask you for your name if you ordered already or ask what you'd like to buy. 
  5. If you're picking up a pre-paid order, please show your ID.
  6. Please close the door while the employee retrieves your package or processes your transaction.
  7. DOUBLE CHECK BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Please check your receipt, the items in your bag, and your change if you paid cash. We don't accept returns, so we'll need to correct any mistake while you're still at the door.

An image that repeats the same numbered list in this article and includes a letter from Aston and Jillian asking for patience during this difficult time.

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  • Adewole Heshimu on

    Hi there Aston I was looking at your new episodes and I was shocked to hear how people was advising you on your initial setting up Nu Species and in fact they they were advising you to put fillers in your products to make more money I am happy that you declined to go that recommended way to make more money Thank God Hence that’s why so many products do not work

  • Giana on

    Are you on 93.5 fm

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