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Quick Tips for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
Quick Tips for Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Coronavirus causes COVID-19, a respiratory infection with no available vaccines or medical cure. ONLY your Immune System can cure this infection. Suggested Guide To Protect You, Your Family, Friends And Neighbors AVOID EVERY POSSIBLE EXPOSURE
  1. Stay away from sick people.
  2. Stay home. Go out ONLY if absolutely necessary.
  3. Avoid crowded areas or events.
  4. Disinfect all surfaces and objects frequently. DON'T FORGET YOUR CELL PHONE!
  5. Do not touch your nose, eyes or mouth. We touch our faces exponentially more than we know!
  6. When reasonable open your windows to get fresh air into your home or office.
  7. If you're stuck indoors with others that could create a possible airborne exposure for you, get an air filter that can remove particles from the air that are smaller than coronavirus. Coronavirus is .125 microns.
Here are two air purifiers that remove particles smaller than that from the air. We personally use the Air Doctor in our home and think it is excellent. This Austin Air Brand comes highly recommended although we haven't personally used it. WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY FOR 20 SECONDS!
  1. Soap and water is good enough to remove the virus from your hands and surfaces so that you do not spread it.
  2. If it hasn't already, hand sanitizers and other forms of disinfectants will become sold out. Do not worry as soap and water is sufficient. Frequency of cleansing is very important.
  3. Alcohol - Look for a spirit that is at least 60% alcohol (120 proof) to be effective. This is also safer for your health than the chemicals in other disinfectants. You only need to use a little each time you sanitize a surface.
BUILD YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM * Use powerful whole food supplements for the whole family and a plant-based detox (no chemicals) for your intestine, colon, blood and lymphatic systems. * NuSpecies Starter Package: Detox Package, Vitamin D, B-Vitamins, LNu1 or LNu9 or LNu25 * NuSpecies Upgraded Package: Detox Package, GF1 or GF4 * NuSpecies Enhanced Package: Detox Package, GF1 or GF3 with GF2 and GF4 * Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with a NuSpecies Naturopathic Doctor * Juice garlic, ginger, onions and use droplets to rub your hands when you leave your home. Do not boil the vegetable or you'll kill the properties that disinfect. * Eat as many raw vegetables and fruits as possible. * Avoid added sugar in your diet. Consuming added sugar shuts down your immune system. * Drink the appropriate amount of water daily. General calculation is to drink half your weight in ounces of water. Depending on your lifestyle you may need more or less. * Exercise for 40-60 minutes 3-4 days weekly. READ/LISTEN/WATCH REPUTABLE NEWS SOURCES FOR ACCURATE INFORMATION ABOUT THE ONGOING UPDATES PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTORS IF YOU HAVE KIDNEY DISEASE, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, DIABETES, HEART DISEASE, AND ANY OTHER SIGNIFICANT DISEASES BEFORE USING THE ABOVE SUGGESTIONS.

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