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4 Things I Did To Get My Children To Love Veggies

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
4 Things I Did To Get My Children To Love Veggies
Step 1: You have to eat veggies. Don't Over Achieve - Just Add It In Whatever fruits and veggies you like, add them to what you were going to eat and I suggest eating them first so you don’t “accidentally” get full. Step 2: Now Get Your Children to Follow Your Lead 1. Don't give them another option. I promise, hunger makes things taste better. They're not going to starve. Of course, don't make them eat anything you don't like. That's just not right. 2. They can't have any snacks or "junk" until they've eaten "energy" foods. Avoid terms like "healthy" because once they relate foods they don't like with the word "healthy", they'll become close minded about anything deemed healthy. I like to use goal-oriented terms that describe what the food is doing for the body, so it's a goal they're accomplishing by consuming that food. I say thinks like, "This will fight germs" or "This is to help your poopy come out" or "This will give you energy to play your best today" and so on. 3. Be an example. If they see you eating fruit and vegetables everyday, they'll be more likely to try them. What better motivation to eat better if you know you're doing it to protect your children's health? 4. The earlier you start the better. The more years our tastebuds get used to the over stimulation of processed sugar, salt, and fat, the longer it takes to reset our tastebuds to respond enthusiastically to natural forms of sugar, salt and fat. Think about how hard it is for you now that you've spent 30-60 years eating processed foods. Don't allow your children to end up with that struggle too. I'd love to hear from you! Comment below and tell me: What's your biggest challenge to eating fruits and veggies everyday? How can you try to work around it?

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