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Aston is a scientist whose study of chemistry and physics continued with innumerable experiments building prototypes and formulas long after graduating from Long Island University. He invents NuSpecies’ flagship formulas and founded the NuSpecies companies.

President and CEO of NuSpecies


Aston Farquharson's thoughtful inventions in organic chemistry to improve human health inspire his collaboration with doctors and biochemists, which led to the manufacture of LNu and other NuSpecies’ raw, natural, and organic formulas from whole foods plant extracts.

Aston has been granted numerous patents by the USPTO in physics and technologies. His practice of a natural lifestyle hardened after he watched helplessly as his father died from prostate cancer. His resolve to make a difference strengthened when his mother died soon after from the complications of diabetes. That other family members also died young from these diseases and not Good Old Age signaled the limits of medical science and the necessity of also relying on our body's biochemistry to rebuild and detoxify itself.

Aston graduated from Syracuse College of Law and began his corporate life at a major Wall Street Law Firm doing Mergers and Acquisitions globally. From there he was recruited into IBM’s Legal Department and negotiated Outsourcing Deals in over a hundred countries. Aston is also an attorney licensed to practice law in NY and other states.

The untimely deaths of his father, mother and two brothers from chronic diseases led to his resignation from IBM. He founded NuSpecies to help those with cancer and other chronic diseases. The NuSpecies companies are dedicated to helping life forms to live healthier and longer, to promote the natural habitat and ecology of Earth; he has patented other inventions in Alternative Energy.

Aston takes great pride in knowing that NuSpecies has already helped thousands around the world to live better and longer.