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NuSpecies’ Nutritional Formulas are designed to support your body systems in functioning optimally.

Our products and process can assist with healthy blood flow, empower the immune system, support hormonal balance, support efficient detoxification, empower the absorption of nutrients into your cells, and much more.

NuSpecies' formulas aren’t remedies and we don’t focus on symptoms. We empower your body to rebuild itself starting from the root cause of your problem.

Are you ready for NuSpecies?

NuSpecies is right for you if you believe and understand:

1. Your body is a powerful, biochemical part of Nature that can rebuild itself with the right biochemical tools.

2. Health is achieved by providing your body pure and potent nutrition and supporting detoxification.

3. It took years for your body to break down… so it’s going to take time and effort to build it back up!

4. Remedies are for symptoms. We don’t want you to just manage your medical problems, we help you advance your health. To rebuild your health with powerful, long term results, you must support your body with the root causes of the issue.

5. Nutritional formulas should work with your body, not despite it. You cannot force your body to prioritize or focus on what you want to fix. Giving your body sufficient support for all the burdens it faces helps your body do the work.


If you are looking for specific results:

1. Book a free consultation with one of NuSpecies’ doctors.

2. Bring in or fax ahead your most recent blood work or required labs, scans, or documents that are necessary for our team to get a full understanding of what is going on in your body.

On our end, we will:

- Create a custom combination of our formulas to meet your needs, expectations, and budget.

- Provide some lifestyle and diet guidance to remove some of the largest obstacles to rebuilding your health.

- Stay in touch throughout your work with us to make sure you’re getting the results you’re looking for, while we provide adjustments and further guidance when necessary.