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Prostate Health Deep Dive with Aston

Posted by Kayla Bowen on
Prostate Health Deep Dive with Aston

By Aston Farquharson, NuSpecies CEO & President

Prostate cancer is on the rise worldwide, and by 2025 it's projected there will be a massive increase in prostate cancer, even in younger men in their 40s. So, prostate cancer is no longer an "old man thing." A lot of the men who come to NuSpecies with prostate cancer are in their 50s, and now it's dropping down into the 40s. A lot of these younger men have stage three, stage four cancer.

A PSA below 1 is supposed to be the safe zone, but it's not anymore. A PSA range between zero to four is supposed to be normal, but not for a lot of men. And any Black man who thinks that's normal for him – he's not been advised properly, and he should do research. He will see that a lot of men are getting prostate cancer even when their PSA is in the normal range of zero to four. I have hundreds, maybe even thousands of cases over the years that have proven that.

Even if your PSA is below one, having urine frequency, meaning that you're urinating more than more frequently than you always did, is a cause for concern. You may chalk it up to something like, "I'm drinking more water now," but your body is still supposed to hold the urine when you're asleep. So if you're having frequent urination that's waking you up at night, it means that you could have a prostate problem, even if your PSA is below one.

Urgency to urinate is another risk factor, and so is low manhood or low libido. And then if your PSA is over 1 on top of that, you should be extremely concerned. Prostate cells are multiplying rapidly. The mutated ones are multiplying rapidly. That's why you have enlarged prostate. That's why you have BPH. That's why you have urine frequency. That's why you have urine urgency. That's why you have prostatitis. The prostate is bigger and it's pushing against nearby organs, putting pressure on the bladder.

So, if you have those issues, even if your PSA is in the so-called "normal range," you could have mutated cells, sick cells that are multiplying rapidly, and that's why the prostate is enlarged. Any men of any culture can get prostate cancer with a PSA below four, which is in the "normal range." And that's what you all should take away from this. Prostatitis is an infection in the prostate that can also lead to prostate cancer.

  • Urine frequency
  • Urine urgency
  • Enlarged prostate
  • PSA over one
  • Low manhood/low libido
  • Prostatitis

If you have any one of these issues, it could be a sign of prostate cancer. If you have more than one, it is more likely your prostate is going to develop into prostate cancer.

All hope is not lost. You can still get help. You can call NuSpecies, and we can help you through this disease process of the prostate from the early stage. And by the way, a lot of men have no signs at all. They just went in for a routine exam, and the doctors do a biopsy or an MRI and they found prostate cancer. So guys, you have to be extremely careful, just like with high blood pressure. A lot of people who died from high blood pressure didn't even know they had it, and the first symptom was death, massive heart attack or stroke. So all it takes for the prostate is one single, mutated cell.

When your PSA is below one and you have these symptoms, it means your prostate is going bad. And it also means that by the time your PSA gets to one or two or three or four, you could already have prostate cancer building in the prostate.

Singling out Black men, that is one of the major reasons, if not the most significant reason why the number one cause of death for Black men is prostate cancer – because the issues were there when the PSA was "normal" and the doctors thought they were fine. Then your PSA gets to 4 and that's when a lot of doctors do a biopsy or MRI. A lot of these men have prostate cancer – some have stage two prostate cancer, stage three and even stage four. Because with a PSA below one, it could take five years, eight years before the PSA gets to four, and all the while the cancer was building.

Get on my calendar if you want more education on this, and we will do our very best to help you. Keep in mind that I invented NuSpecies because of my father's death from prostate cancer. He was diagnosed early and he did surgery and radiation, and the doctor said he was going to be fine and live his long, full life. Well, it wasn't very long after that the cancer spread through his body, to his bones, his lungs, his liver, his brain... and then he was gone. So, the doctor was wrong.

Take care of yourself. We have starter packages that can help you. Call us today and get started now, before it's too late.

"I went to the doctor and my PSA was six-point-something, and they said it could be cancerous. So they were gonna do the biopsy...I was a little bit scared because prostate cancer runs in my family. I was like, oh, my God, man, am I a victim? I was really scared, man. Then I heard Aston. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I said, you know what? I'm going to try it. And I tried it, spoke to Aston and everything. And when I took [NuSpecies products], I went back to the doctor a while later to do the PSA test again, and I told my doctor I'd been taking NuSpecies. My PSA went from six-point-something to zero-point-something. And I was like, what?? It was just totally eliminated."

– Ainsworth



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  • Anthony Abraham on

    So what to do to prevent it

  • Fiat on

    I watched your video on prostate health and cancer. I am diagnosed with an enlarged prostate with a psa total score of 2.7. What are your recommendations to reduce and prevent cancer. Thanks.

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