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"Resurrection of the Kushites" Series - Part IV

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
"Resurrection of the Kushites" Series - Part IV

Kushite Spirituality

Written, Narrated, and Produced by: Aston G. Farquharson

Edited by: Aston G. Farquharson & Jillian G. Pelliccio

Kushite spirituality and their divine connection to their supreme God were facilitated by their scientific discoveries and inventions in chemistry and physics.

For their temples and edifices, like their megaliths and pyramids, they chose specific stones (and invented their own cement when they didn't have those stones) to harness the energy from the Earth and complete an electromagnetic circuit with the stars in the Orion constellation and other constellations.

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  • Elisa Oliphant on

    Very interesting I would like to learn more about kushites

  • Jillian on

    @rich – I will let Aston know your question!

  • Jillian on

    @rich – I will let Aston know your question!

  • Rich on

    Great content. Can you elaborate on SET.. isis??

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