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If You Can Get Natural Relief from Allergies, Would You Prefer It?

Posted by Kayla Bowen on
If You Can Get Natural Relief from Allergies, Would You Prefer It?

Allergy season is sooner than you think. ūü§ß

Approximately 15% of Americans are formally diagnosed with seasonal allergies, or allergic rhinitis, and up to 30% of Americans are self-reported to suffer from seasonal allergies.*

That's a lot of people. And with climate change, the amount of allergens in the air, such as pollen, continues to increase.**

Although I love the springtime, I'd love it a lot more without allergies.

I know firsthand the discomfort of sneezing several times in a row, blowing my nose all day, and having itchy, dry eyes; it definitely puts a damper on an otherwise beautiful season.

And post-pandemic, with many viruses going around, no one wants to relax or work around someone sneezing and coughing. The "it's allergies" disclaimer doesn't fly anymore.

There are many medications on the market intended to mitigate allergic rhinitis symptoms. By the end of the season, I've spent a lot of money on over-the-counter products that may not even work. The ones that do work only provide a temporary fix and the problem is still there hours later. 

I didn't know this before I started working at NuSpecies, but I've learned that I can help my body process the incoming particles from the air, instead of waging war on them.

NuSpecies' Bee Pollen Extract is your effective, plant-based solution for seasonal allergies.

"Watery eyes, runny nose, massive headaches. Three to four days taking the product, my allergies weren't acting up. After a month, I didn't have any symptoms."

- UJ (click here to hear his full testimonial)

For only $24.99, you'll get a powerful supplement that will give your body what it needs to process the dust, pollen, ragweed, or whatever else causes you to sneeze and sniffle every year.

People whose allergies are caused by pollen in the air in the spring will often ask, "Why would I take Bee Pollen if pollen is what irritates me?" This is a good question; here's the distinction.

Bee pollen is a combination of plant pollen, honeybee secretions, and nectar. It is gathered from the honeybee hive after it's been turned into a functional food by the bees.

NuSpecies' Bee Pollen is easier to take than other forms of Bee Pollen because it's in a liquid form. By liquifying it into vegetable glycerin, it improves the taste and makes it very easy to take over the granules that are most commonly sold.

Think it's too early to start thinking about springtime allergy relief?

Think again. Natural allergy relief is most effective when you start taking it in advance. If you struggle with springtime allergies, you should start taking NuSpecies' Bee Pollen Extract in February!

"I had a lot of sinus and allergy issues for about two years. I came to see Aston... Boom, my sinuses are clear."

- May (click here to hear her full testimonial)

Don't let your allergies stop you from enjoying the beauty of spring.

Get yourself NuSpecies' Bee Pollen Extract for only $24.99 today, and come spring your body will be well-equipped to handle all those frustrating allergens.

Start by taking 1 teaspoon daily.

Got a serious allergy problem? NuSpecies has an even more powerful option that will give your body the support it needs to make this season your last allergy season.

If you need support at any time to get the results you're looking for, our client services team is ready to guide you. Just call 1-845-440-7458.

Need one more reason to choose NuSpecies Bee Pollen over the common over-the-counter chemical remedies?

You're getting a whole host of additional benefits from taking this super food everyday.

In an article published in the National Library of Medicine, called Bee Pollen: Current Status and Therapeutic Potential the authors share an infographic to visualize the diversity of powerful health benefits confirmed by many studies outlined in the article:

Image of the human body systems that are improved by the addition of bee pollen in daily diet, including brain, respiratory, heart, blood sugar, ovarian, intestinal, liver, and prostatitis.

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