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Why Aston Farquharson Invented NuSpecies' Flagship Product

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
Why Aston Farquharson Invented NuSpecies' Flagship Product

Written by Aston Farquharson

The story behind NuSpecies began with the loss of my parents. I spent three years watching my father die from prostate cancer. Even though he was told by his urologist that it was early stage, and they would simply remove the prostate and that he would be fine, his health still declined over the next 2 years. Radiation and chemotherapy did not stop the cancer metastasizing to numerous organs. 

He was also told the radiation and chemotherapy were just a precaution because they removed the cancer from all the tissue.

The cancer quickly spread to his spine, lung, liver, and bone marrow and we lost him less than three years after the diagnosis.

The details of his suffering are burned into my brain. Taking him for treatments, watching him get so weak that I had to help him use the bathroom. He suffered at home, bedridden, in constant pain for 6 months until he died. I’ll never forget his prayers to God to take his life.

We did everything they asked us to do. Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy. Our whole family committed to the process that was supposed to heal him.

It was then that I learned the medical industry has its limitations. Despite their great achievements, their hopeful expectations, it wasn’t enough for my father.

I started to think that since my father had this, it would be in my future and my brother’s future too and that we would be destined to the same fate.

“What else is out there? This can’t be all there is,” I thought to myself.

During all this time my mother had type 2 diabetes. She had developed gestational diabetes during one of her pregnancies in her 30’s and it never resolved.

She developed neuropathy in her 40’s. She’d get bruises on her feet from her shoes. She wore low heels with a pointy front so she would look cute with her outfits for church. When we saw the bruises we started buying her rounded front shoes that she didn’t like.

She continued to wear the pointy shoes. One day the bruised toes didn’t get better. This was the beginning of at least 6 surgeries to amputate one toe after the other until they had cut both of her legs above the knee.

She also developed heart disease and kidney disease.

She never complained.

Her long suffering will always haunt me despite her strong character, her unwavering faith in God’s plan for her life, and her positive attitude.

In the end she had so many complications, we don’t know which ailment actually took her life. My sisters helped control the sugar in her diet, but was there more we could’ve done?

For many years I donated to national foundations for cancer and diabetes research through a direct deduction from my paycheck, until I began my own research. This is where the first NuSpecies formulation (now known as Body Systems L.I.F.E., now called LNu1) was born. Once I saw how this flagship invention was helping people, I stopped donating to the foundations and invested in building NuSpecies.

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