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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to take the formulas? When should I expect results? I’m not seeing any results.

All of these questions or concerns have answers with overlapping information.

You Should Always Take a NuSpecies Formula: We believe that humans need to rely on supplementation to stay healthy due to the significant changes in agricultural practices over the last 100 years. If you prefer our formulas to other forms of supplementation than you’ll always be on them. Which formulas you take and how much it costs you, will depend on your health needs and budget at any given time. You may be on a $25 Bee Pollen now and a $500 rebuilding package next year or a $50 NuLife Food Guidance session another time. Stay in touch with your NuSpecies health consultant and he/she will make sure you’re properly supporting your body using the most budget friendly recommendations.

Results Will Take As Long As Your Body Needs: Your body is doing the work. NuSpecies formulas are supporting your body systems to function optimally. Your body is using the nourishment and the resources provided by our formulas to identify and repair damage wherever it may be and in whatever order your body determines necessary. We cannot force your body to do what we want. We can only support your body to do what it can do. What your body can do and how fast it can do it will depend on many factors: Your diet and lifestyle, your pre-existing conditions and how long you’ve had them and how severe they are, your past and current medical treatments, your stress levels, your sleeping habits, your exposure to toxins and so much more. Everyone is different and is coming to NuSpecies at a different stage in their journey, so we ask that you provide your most recent blood work, labs, scans, or whatever you can that will give your NuSpecies medical consultant insight into what your body is currently dealing with. Not only is everyone different, but what you think constitutes “results”, may not be good enough for the next person or may be a miracle to another person. It’s all relative. Please keep your NuSpecies health consultant informed of your expectations so he/she can guide you effectively.

If You Have a Chance, It’s Probably With Us: We have done our part by creating formulas that are extremely high quality, potent and pure. Our ingredients are raw, 100% natural, organic or wildcrafted, and liquid. Our formulas have potencies that are designed for supporting the rebuilding process, not simply for supplementation. We aren’t saying that NuSpecies is for everyone, but for many, if they have a chance at rebuilding their health, it’s with us. So let’s do it right and give your body the time it needs and let your NuSpecies medical consultant guide you. We have helped thousands of people, so before deciding NuSpecies can’t help you, make sure you’ve given it all you’ve got and you’ve let us give you all we’ve got.

Adjustments and Add-Ons:

It is not a miracle, remedy or quick fix. We’re all governed by the laws of chemistry and physics, and so are our formulas. Challenging the laws of chemistry and physics creates illness, getting back in line with these laws empowers rebuilding and recovery. There is no one pill, one herb, one formula, one action that you can take that will be the solution to rebuilding your health. Remedies, medications, surgeries, etc. manage symptoms and provide temporary relief. As long as the root cause of your health problem isn’t addressed, you’ll always be looking for the next quick fix. If you’ve come to NuSpecies, you’re here to put in the work and the time to solve your problem for good. This means surrendering to our process, prioritizing your health and being patient with and kind to your body as it slowly works to realign with the laws of chemistry and physics.

The formulas are expensive. How will I keep this up?

NuSpecies is part of the very small percentage of companies that are actually organic to the highest standards of the word. The regulations that must be followed to be considered organic are strict, time consuming, costly and apply to every step of the production process and we go beyond what the USDA requires. We also have a completely natural product line. The plant extracts are sustained in a natural vegetable glycerin, specifically from the nut of the palm tree, which is a more expensive form. Because we took these measures, our formulas are unlike many other products.

The plant extracts used in our formulas are raw; therefore, all of their enzymes and nutritional content remains intact and are at the service of your body. The plants have been exposed to none or low levels of heat, unlike the ingredients of other products that go through excessive boiling, refining, and processing. We don’t add any synthetic ingredients, fillers, additives, or preservatives. In other products, it’s highly likely that even when a label says organic and natural, there are synthetic ingredients that lower their cost.

When using NuSpecies formulas as recommended, there is no need to purchase additional supplements from other companies. The Elixir program or LNu formula is an all-in-one formulation providing amino acids, multi-vitamins, multi-minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, phytonutrients, trace minerals, isoflavones, flavonoids, and much more; thus fulfilling all of your daily nutritional needs. Other products that get anywhere close to providing a comprehensive nutritional yield likely include synthetic ingredients and are typically huge tablets that your body will never completely break down and absorb or they’re powders that require taking the time to make a smoothie everyday that usually doesn’t even taste good.

Most importantly, we designed our formulas to work. We never set out to make expensive nutritional formulas. We set out to help people. We’re sure you agree that it would be much easier to sell a cheap product that was simple to mass market. But we aren’t entrepreneurs. We’re just two people that discovered a way to help other people. We started out with four formulas. You know how the rest came to be? You. Our clients that didn’t see results as easily as others, asked us to make them something more powerful or different, so they could feel better. Every formula in our product line has the story of a client that needed it. What good is a cheap product if it doesn't help you? NuSpecies formulas will help you. For some of our clients results come within weeks, others it takes months!

Regardless of what we need to charge for our formulas, you have to decide what is in your budget each month as you continue on your quest for better and longer life. Worse case scenario, we have formulas that cost as little as $6, that you can take a few times a week as maintenance or as a holdover until you can get the formulas you ultimately need. We’ve found every way to support you whatever your budget may be. All you have to do is stay in touch with your NuSpecies medical consultant and our client services team and we’ll be sure you never have to go off your NuSpecies for budgetary reasons.

Why isn't the Product Sealed?

There is a specific kind of seal we use with the canisters and lids for the Vitamin D&A, MSM and the Detox Powder. This is a white seal that comes inside the lid and when the lid is screwed down onto the canister during manufacturing, pressure is applied and adheres the white seal to the rim of the canister. Sometimes the seal is slightly wider than the rim of the canister or it adhered more to the left or right. When you unscrew the lid, the threads from the lid grab onto any part of the seal that is slightly larger than the rim and as you unscrew, the lid effectively pulls the seal off the rim of the canister. By the time you lift up the lid, you’ll see the seal on the inside of the lid and no longer on the canister. It will seem that the seal was not intact or that someone opened it before you purchased it. We can reassure you that the formula is perfectly intact and safe. Furthermore, as a matter of NuSpecies policy since we sold our first formula many years ago, we have never resold products returned by other customers! Most importantly, we manufacture our own products, we bottle them, we seal them, and no non-NuSpecies person touch our products until you purchase them. Replacing your product will not fix this problem as the same thing may happen with the next one we provide.

If you believe your seal issue is different from this, please contact our client support team at 845-440-7458.

The products make me nauseous/light headed/dizzy.

In most cases, this is completely normal. You may be more sensitive to the potency of the ingredients in our formulas. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, please cut your dose in half or thirds and slowly work your way back up to the normal dose over the course of one to three weeks. If this doesn’t solve the problem completely, take the formulas after consuming a couple ounces of home-made juice or smoothie. Your stomach or digestive system is likely weak and needs to become accustomed to the formulas.

If you believe your symptoms represent a flare up of your pre-existing condition, a worsening of your pre-existing condition, or an allergic reaction, please call your doctor or go to the emergency room. Then update your NuSpecies health consultant as soon as you can so they can consider these symptoms to further guide you moving forward.

Why am I having trouble sleeping or feeling extra tired?

Trouble Sleeping

You may be more sensitive to the potency of the ingredients than others. Your body is very receptive to the nourishment and the stimulation your body is getting from the whole food plant extracts and your energy is peaked for longer than usual, affecting your ability to fall asleep. You may need to cut back to only AM and afternoon doses and/or cut your dose in half. This may be temporary until your body adjusts or it may be a permanent adjustment. Please let your NuSpecies health consultant know of this response so they can consider it in their future guidance and recommendations.

Feeling Very Tired

Although many people feel immediately energized from taking our formulas, it’s also equally normal to feel very tired after beginning a NuSpecies program. Your body is being supported to do a lot of work (cleaning and rebuilding) that it previously wasn’t doing because of various burdens to your body systems, either because of your diet and lifestyle or your pre-existing conditions. Your immune system is becoming empowered, your body is able to start purging toxins which must resurface into your bloodstream before they’re excreted from the body and so much more. This sudden change in operation can cause fatigue and many other symptoms discussed in the detox section. Usually this doesn’t last more than a week or two and it’s important to push past this phase so your body can move toward the amazing health changes it’s working toward. If you need to slow the process, you can cut your dose in half and work back up to the full dose over one to three weeks.

Why is there stuff at the bottom? Shake, Shake, Shake!

Some of the formulas are very dense and heavy. The herbal extracts separate from the vegetable glycerin and sink to the bottom of the bottle immediately. After sitting on the shelf for a couple weeks before you buy it, the calcium formula gets very comfortable at the bottom and is hard to break up and evenly disperse back into the vegetable glycerin without shaking very hard. Please shake the bottle really hard!

If you hold the bottle up to the light from a window, you’ll see a white hue at the bottom of the bottle. That is the calcium formula. If you turn it upside down and start shaking very hard for at least 30 seconds to a minute, and then hold it back up to the light again, you should see the liquid sloshing back and forth in the light. If you don’t, it means the calcium is still stuck on the bottom and hasn’t disbursed yet. If you pour your dose before shaking properly, you’ll mostly pour out vegetable glycerin and leave the calcium on the bottom. Then once you run out of the vegetable glycerin, you’ll see all the calcium stuck at the bottom, useless to you.

The good news is that you usually only have to go through this shaking process the first time. As long as you’re using the calcium daily, it won’t have time to get stuck at the bottom. If you don’t take it for a while, when you resume, you should repeat this shaking process.

If you prefer a powdered form that you can mix with water, that option is now available.

Why are the formulas sweet? Will they raise my blood sugar?

Before coming to NuSpecies most of your experience with herbs may have been in the form of a tincture, tea, bitters, or tonic. Usually herbs in these forms are boiled and/or preserved with alcohol and the result is a bitter tasting drink and if not bitter, definitely not sweet. The main difference in how NuSpecies formulas are made that affects the taste, is that the herbs are raw. In order to preserve the potency and integrity of raw herbs, we have to use vegetable glycerin. Vegetable glycerin is derived from the oil of a plant, in our case the nut of a palm tree. It is broken down into a special kind of carbohydrate, which is why it tastes sweet, but it is not sugar, so it cannot affect your blood sugar at all. So much so that vegetable glycerin is often marketed as an alternative sweetener for diabetics. If you notice your blood sugar is still rising or has risen while taking our formulas, it’s not because of the vegetable glycerin or sweet taste. Please contact your health consultant and this symptom will be analyzed along with the bigger picture of your overall health, diet, lifestyle and NuSpecies regimen.

The same goes for any symptom of your pre-existing health condition. If your symptoms are worsening, it’s very likely the progression of your current health issue and not because of the formulas. This information is crucial to NuSpecies guiding you through the rebuilding process, so please notify your health consultant so that they may consider these symptoms in their guidance.

Detoxify & Cleanse Package

Mix powder with warm water; it will dissolve very fast. When mixed with cold water it can take longer to get all the lumps out.

Too Bitter? Adjust your process. Instead of mixing the powder into 4-8 ounces of water, put the 4-8 ounces of water on the side. Then get a shot glass/measuring cup and an empty glass. Fill the shot glass/measuring cup with 1 oz of warm water and dump it into the empty glass. Mix the 1⁄2 tsp of powder with 1 oz of warm water. Don’t let it sit. While the powder is still suspended in the water, shoot it back in one gulp. Then follow with the 4-8 ounces of water until you don’t taste the powder anymore. If you have lemon you can squeeze it into the 4-8 ounces of water to cleanse your palette faster.

If you still cannot tolerate the taste after trying the adjusted usage instructions, then purchase vegetable capsules and encapsulate the powder and take 3 capsules daily.

For best results: Drink plenty of water throughout the day. General recommendation: Drink 1⁄2 your weight in ounces of water. If you weigh 200 lbs, drink 100 ounces of water. Adjust water intake based on how you feel. The powder gets gelatinous in your intestines and sticks to the intestinal walls, but drinking water is what fosters a movement that allows the powder to pull the fecal matter out of your body.

If using the full detox package, the lymph node and blood formulas will last one month. The powder will last two months. Depending on your lifestyle and health goals you may not have to repeat the lymph node and blood, just keep taking the powder until it finishes. If your consultant recommended that you repeat the lymph node and blood, you’ll have to replenish them when they finish. Either way, don’t discontinue taking the powder. It’s important to keep up the momentum and use it until it’s finished.

Common Discomforts that Can Occur While Detoxifying

Most clients only feel positive effects, like energy, regular bowel movements, and weight loss. Most discomforts that occur when taking the detox are usually a result of the body releasing toxins, which means it’s working; and these discomforts will usually resolve themselves after a week or two. Common Discomforts include:

  • Cold-Like Symptoms: running nose, coughing, sneezing
  • Discharge from ears, eyes, nose, throat
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Temporary diarrhea
  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Cramping in intestines
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Blood in stool
  • Temporary increase in blood pressure

Blood in stool? 

Due to a lifetime of eating foods that stress the bowel, most of us end up with wounds on our intestinal walls. Imagine you cut your skin and started bleeding. Then you scooped up dirt and put it on the cut. You would stop bleeding. Now imagine you wash off that dirt. The cut will begin bleeding again until it properly heals. It’s the same with your bowel. Hardened fecal matter is creating a temporary band aid on wounds in your intestinal wall. Once the detox and extra water intake begins to clean your intestinal walls, these cuts are exposed and they bleed. The good news is that now that they’re cleaned and exposed, the body can heal them. You may notice blood in your stool for a few days. If it gets worse or persists longer than a few days, it could be something else entirely and you should see your doctor right away. Either way, keep your consultant informed so we’re aware of your symptoms and can guide you properly.

Constipation? Still not moving your bowels as much as you thought you should?

There are many factors that affect the quality and frequency of your bowel movements. The detox is dealing with two - purging toxins from the body and moving excessive, hardened fecal matter out of the bowel. Other factors are related to your overall lifestyle, for example: diet, exercise, stress, intestinal flora, and much more. Even if all of these factors are completely working against you, you still need to take the detox seriously and give your body the extra support. Don’t let perfection get in the way of progress. You don’t have to be doing everything perfectly to get started with the detox.

Depending on all those other factors, the results you’ll see from the detox will vary. Keep in mind, it’s not a laxative or wash out. It’s designed to be a slow, gentle scrub of the intestinal wall that is safe to take on a daily basis. This is different from herbal teas and treatments that are designed to flush out the colon and are meant for short term relief of severe constipation.

The detox powder lasts 2 months. In that time you’ll see a variety of things happen. Relax, be consistent and give your body time to do the work. You may need to do it several times in a row, if you’re trying to reverse over 20, 30, or 40 years of stress to your bowel.

Diarrhea or loose stool? 

Your body may be more sensitive to these herbs than others. Usually this is an initial reaction that can last up to a week and then your bowel movements will regulate. As long as you’re drinking plenty of water and not feeling dehydrated or weak, there is no need for concern. Usually this is just very inconvenient, especially if you drive for a living or don’t have easy access to a bathroom. Try to push through it. Remember, the detox lasts two months and this is just one short phase in the process towards amazing health changes. Worse case scenario, take it only once a day and possibly lower your dose to a 1⁄4 tsp and work your way back up to the full dose, twice a day until the diarrhea is resolved.

Why does the color/taste/consistency vary?

The formula and nutritional value is always the same. It depends on the time of year and climate in which the herbs are grown. Think of the coffee and wine industries. Depending on many factors, like weather and geographically specific soil content, coffee and wine from different parts of the world will have differences in color, taste and consistency. If one of the herbs is only bought from the same place, weather variations will cause the changes from batch-to-batch. A particularly rainy year will alter the taste of that year’s crop. We may have to source an ingredient from various parts of the world depending on its availability or quality over time. Regions like South America, for example, are known for the high concentration of ancient volcanoes and so have a very high concentration of chemicals like iron etc., and may provide more acidic bio-chemicals producing a different taste. In this situation, the soil content specific to that region of the world is the main culprit. Sometimes it is both. France is known for its pure, non-acidic wine partly because ancient volcanic activity was not pervasive there.

What about the size of the extracts? Each farmer uses a different tool to break the herb up into small pieces. Depending on the tool the resulting extract can be larger or smaller from batch-to-batch. This can affect how easily the formula pulls up into the tube or how it looks, but the resulting benefit to the body is the same no matter the size.

What is always consistent is the resulting quality and nutritional value of the formula you’ve purchased. If you feel the difference you’re noticing is more than this, please bring it back in for inspection.

Should I take it with food?

We recommend you take it on an empty stomach for uninhibited absorption. If you experience any discomfort when taking your formulas on an empty stomach, it is okay to take it with some light food, like small portions of fruits or veggies.

If you’re taking our formulas for relief from a digestive issue, then you may be instructed to take it with your meals to support digestion.

Do I have to refrigerate my formulas?

No. Refrigeration can damage the ingredients of the formulas. Best way to store the formulas is in a cool dark place, like a cabinet or pantry. 

Is it safe to take NuSpecies with my medication?

NuSpecies formulas are equivalent to eating food. All foods affect the body in one way or another. In the forty years our herbalist has worked with the herbs in our formulas, there hasn’t been any known interaction with medication. If you’re on medication or receiving medical treatment, we recommend that you tell your doctor you’re using NuSpecies and get his/her feedback. We do recommend being closely monitored if you’re on blood thinners as garlic and hawthorn berry naturally thin the blood. NuSpecies formulas are nourishment that supports your body systems to rebuild over time so that your body can fix itself. They aren’t medication and cannot replace medication to regulate blood pressure or blood sugar. If your most recent blood work shows improvement or regulation of your body systems, your doctor can lower your dose or take you off the medication.

Is it approved by the FDA?