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Join Aston and His Team Right on The App

Aston's Virtual Office is livestreaming on the NuSpecies app!

When the session starts, all you have to do is click on the "Join Us" button in the Aston's Virtual Office section of the NuSpecies app homepage.

Aston and Jillian won't be able to see you on your camera, but you will be able to see them. You can use the chat area to chat in your questions or comments.

Aston will begin each session with a presentation on a topic of his choice. You can submit topic suggestions to our Media Director, Kayla Bowen, at

Upcoming Sessions

Saturday, June 4th at 4-5pm (EST)

Saturday, June 18th at 4-5pm (EST)

Saturday, July 2nd at 4-5pm (EST)

Saturday, August 13th at 4-5pm (EST)

Download the NuSpecies App Now!

You can access the app on the web here