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Multimineral (3-Month Supply)


Multimineral Complex

Daily Liquid Multi-mineral formula. 


Whole food Daily Supplement.


Minerals are necessary for good health! And there's no better source of them than plants. Plants absorb minerals from the soil while they grow, which makes them an ideal delivery system of minerals for humans because it’s direct and easy to digest.

If you eat a lot of plants, could you still be mineral deficient? Yes! Due to modern mass agricultural practices that lead to depleted soil, plus the distance your food travels to reach your grocery store, your plants aren’t as nutritious as they used to be. Although we still need to eat a lot of plants for optimal health, we also need to supplement.

But wait! Don’t cherry-pick individual minerals and pack your cabinet full of tablets that you won’t remember to take one week from now.

NuSpecies' Mineral Complex is made from whole food, plant ingredients such as raspberry leaf, kelp, parsley leaf, ginseng root, and more. The plants in our mineral complex provide all the major minerals that your body needs to function healthily and repair itself. 

So you only need to buy one bottle. Oh, and it’s a three month supply 😉’re going to get much more than minerals! NuSpecies’ supplements are made by using a unique manufacturing technique called cold processing. Why? Because, vitamins and enzymes are heat sensitive and are damaged when processed with heat. In NuSpecies’ formulas, they’re alive and happy.

So, although we’re selling this formula as a great source of minerals, you're also getting all the great stuff provided by these plant ingredients.


16 FL OZ (473mL)

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon (4.93mL)

Servings Per Container: About 96


Amount Per Serving  %DV 

Proprietary Blend 79.5 mg

  Raspberry Leaf Powder

  Kelp Powder

  Dandelion Root Powder

  Parsley Leaf Powder

  Alfalfa Leaf Powder

  American Ginseng Root Powder

  Yucca Root Powder

  Yellowdock Root Powder


Daily Value(DV) not established


Other Ingredients: Natural Vegetable Glycerin

Why Liquid?

  • Liquid is the ideal delivery method to get the best results from a dietary supplement.
  • The vegetable glycerin keeps the enzymes in our raw ingredients alive. 
  • Liquid is easier for children and those with weaker digestive systems to absorb


Manufactured in the U.S.A. with ingredients sourced from around the world. 


Store in a cool, dry place. Please recycle.


This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.