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Aston's Must-Read for 2020 - "Holistic Wealth" by Keisha Blair

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
Aston's Must-Read for 2020 - "Holistic Wealth" by Keisha Blair
Inspired to share how she overcame her tragic loss with the world, Holistic Wealth is my top read of 2020. Rising from a crushing grief as a single mother with very young children, Keisha forged a treasured and exemplary holistic life. But hear and feel the enduring echoes of her suffering, then laugh with her as she navigates you through her holistic journey from agony to a remarkable and cherished wisdom.
"Imagine that every single decision you make in your life counts as either a deposit to or a withdrawal from your holistic wealth bank account. Build up your deposits and, in time, you’ll have a healthy, growing portfolio. Make too many withdrawals and you’ll go bankrupt."
Every chapter inveigles you in a honeycomb of ideas that could lead to your own grand success and family loom. And finally, in a world built on hollowed words, Keisha prescribes for you in detail the Holistic Life that is probably nature’s destiny and promise for all of us. A definite must read!
Excerpt from "Holistic Wealth" by Keisha Blair
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