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"The Resurrection of the Kushites" Series - Introduction

Posted by Aston Farquharson on
"The Resurrection of the Kushites" Series - Introduction

The seeds of what NuSpecies is today were planted a long time ago when I began to write a novel about human history.

In my book the protagonist is surviving an apocalypse and the key to human survival is a particular piece of knowledge that only our ancient ancestors possessed and had since been forgotten. Over the years it eventually became a trilogy that I haven’t published yet.

I didn’t know that during that time, the death of my father from prostate cancer and my mother’s long suffering with the complications of diabetes would make those seeds sprout into what you know as NuSpecies today.

Each week I speak with hundreds of you that are also trying to survive in an increasingly damaged world and I know our ancient ancestors have at least some of the answers to our modern problems.

Jillian and I are now making videos on human history that highlight the aspects of my books that are starting to feel really relevant right now.

The destruction of our habitat as a consequence of unchecked industrialization and the associated rapid decay of human health are the two primary disasters of our time that we’d like to highlight throughout this series.

First, we need to remember how our ancient ancestors survived and prospered and then we can explore how the fundamentals of their prosperity are still true for humans today.

This video series “The Resurrection of the Kushites” is the result. Below is our introductory video.

We begin the journey back into ancient history to the marvel of the Kushite culture, heritage, history, and their inventions that changed the world.

This video series will show the emergence of the Kushites and the Ancient Egyptians via their accomplishments from Qustul to Kerma to Ta-Seti, Ethiopia, and Nubia.

We're exploring the early beginnings of human history based on archeological finds and DNA evidence.

"Resurrection of the Kushites - Part II" Watch Now

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  • Althea D Powell on

    Well Appreciated. Knowledge is power and Million Thank you for the education.

  • Aston on

    @trevor – Thank you!!

  • Trevor on

    Oh my goodness, what a recall of history without apology.
    The learning of the truth is always a beautiful situation and it is never too late to have and develop your human consciousness.
    A great thanks for the enlightenment.

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