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Bulk Juicing

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Bulk Juicing

If your schedule is anything like mine and you have been following my video posts, you would know that making fresh juice everyday is really hard if you cannot wake up at 4am. Disappointed with my progress so far, I tried something new. Bulk juicing.

The vegetables in my fridge were getting close to the turning point, my schedule wasn't easing and I was having growing anxiety about not consuming enough juice to keep my body strong. So what did I do? I called in some help and juiced almost everything in my fridge at the same time.

You can find these Ball or Mason Jars in most grocery stores or kitchen retailers. I filled them up and put them in my fridge.

Yes, after you juice or blend veggies/fruits, it is best to drink right away while fresh or the ingredients begin to oxidize and lose their potency. BUT, that is certainly better for me than not drinking my juice at all!

For now, until I figure out a way to juice fresh every day or two, this bulk juicing is going to have to work for me. On top of cutting out most other cooked and processed foods and taking NuSpecies' Detox and LNu Formulas, I'd say my body is really happy with me right now.

I've learned that once you put your juice in the freezer, you will want to leave some room at the top because it will expand when frozen and glass jars don't tolerate expansion, if you can imagine. I took two of them to work today and I poured out a bit of each of the remaining jars into one other jar and then put everything in the freezer.

What issues are you having/had with adding juices and smoothies into your lifestyle and did you find a solution? Please, post a comment or question below.

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