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Diabetes & Heart Disease - Is there a cure?

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Diabetes & Heart Disease - Is there a cure?

Diabetes is a dysfunctional disorder involving the hormone insulin. After your body and too many cells in the pancreatic gland are harmed by free radicals, which are likely in part from immune system responses.

Also detrimental are viruses, toxins, chemicals, bacteria, or heavy metals (toxins) causing inflammation or infection. From this, Diabetes results. Diabetes is a disease where the insulin is not adequately produced or does not function in the chemical manner it was intended to.

The organic Chemistry of the pancreas is impacted and glucose is collected in the blood stream. The acidic nature of glucose quickly blocks the tiny blood vessels of the eye, the kidney, the brain, the prostate and other glands resulting in inflammatory decay and or degeneration of the tissues. So rightly so, in the realms of organic Chemistry and Physics, there can be no inorganic cure for Diabetes or any diseased condition of this nature. Only the body’s immune systems through the purity of genes can cure or remedy Diabetes. This disease kills more people yearly than any other single disease. Two out of three people with Diabetes die from heart disease and stroke. Diabetes can cause Cholesterol; fats etc. to remain in the blood, leading to heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, and can affect every organ and part of the body, producing opportunity for other diseases (including breast and prostate diseases).

Diseases are cured only when the body detoxifies and cures itself by its special immune systems’ enzymes. The body will detox, cleanse and rebuild itself using dismutase, catalase and glutathione enzymes. The body can succeed on its own if you give it the powerful nutrition it requires daily. Even if you are using pharmaceutical medicine as part of your regimen, you must still unleash your own body’s natural healing systems because only the body can cure itself! Some elect to do surgery or overdose in meds because their suffering has become so great but they are merely sowing the wind and later will reap the whirlwind with a premature lifetime of medications and suffering. There is no shortcut to a long, vibrant life. Resist the quick fixes and instant gratification of modern and mass cultures. It takes the body years to inflame then become infected with diseased conditions. It may take years for the body to completely reverse the infection. There is no regrowth of removed organs or glands. NuSpecies knows this from NuSpecies’ many thousands of clients. NuSpecies is a true American Legend: invented in America, designed in America, made in America. NuSpeciesians and those who live the NuSpecies Lifestyle are America’s Next Generation; the World’s Greatest Generation! NuSpecies’ secret formulas are extracts, in some instances, of the whole plants (balks, leaves, roots, seeds, fruits) that retain their enzymes. The formulas are Natural, Organic, Raw, Liquid, Living nutrition, utilizing the phytochemicals from the plants’ immune systems to unleash and fuel our own immune systems’ Detoxification and Antioxidant enzyme systems. Listen to NuSpecies success stories and testimonials at and NuSpeciesians who consistently use our recommended packages have empowered their body’s healing and immune systems so that they can live better, longer and more vibrantly! Diabetes is not a terminus. Use NuSpecies to mount your ultimate challenge to overcome this manmade disaster. If you believe and have faith you will prevail.

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