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Do You Know Your Vitamin D Levels?

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Do You Know Your Vitamin D Levels?

Vitamin D deficiency may be causing Black People in the Diaspora to die more from Cancers, Diabetes, and Heart Diseases.

Hundreds of epidemiological, clinical studies and scientific research (Studies) by reputable, global medical organizations theorize that Black People in North America, Europe and the Caribbean (Diaspora) are plagued by and die more from certain Cancers, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure than Whites. NuSpecies recognizes that while clinical studies are well-intended, they are not without flaws. NuSpecies has been helping thousands of NuSpecies clients (NuSpeciesians) and we have had considerable anecdotal proof that Vitamin D is a major factor in Diasporans’ health. Probably 60-80 percent of Diasporans, children, young men and women included, are believed to suffer Vitamin D deficiency and related low blood count (in many cases the deficiency is chronic), with some form of anemia. About 80 percent of Black Women are believe to have or will have fibroids or uterine disorders, among other Breast and reproductive problems. Likewise, most Black Men are believed to suffer from some form of Prostate disorders (urine frequency, urine burning, enlarged Prostate and Prostate cancer). Prostate cancer is perhaps the number one killer of Black Men. It is believed to be the number one killer of Jamaican men. Prostate cancer is contracted from ages 30-60. Some of these theories and hypotheses support NuSpecies anecdotal evidence. NuSpecies’ own discoveries however are not absolute proofs either. After consulting with and subsequently providing frequent guidance to thousands of NuSpeciesians who are Black, consistently observing vast health improvements naturally lead to the conclusion that Vitamin D deficiency seems to play a major role in Black Diasporans’ degraded health and premature death. The health conditions range from the common cold to Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Cancers, Arthritis among numerous other health disorders. NuSpeciesians come to NuSpecies for assistance in cleansing and detoxifying their bodies. Many NuSpeciesians in thousands of testimonials have reported amazing health results as early as a week, as late as three months. NuSpecies invented and created NuSpecies herbal and plant extract formulas with advice from scientists, doctors and herbalists. To guarantee utmost quality in the formulas, NuSpecies added sufficient amounts of Vitamin D and enzymes among our numerous proprietary formulas. After years of observing health improvements, we conclude that NuSpeciesians’ health improvements are due largely in part to NuSpecies’ added selections of Vitamin D and enzymes. We are pleased to make knowledge about Vitamin D freely available.

Why Vitamin D?

Vitamin D’s service to the body is much more like a hormone than a vitamin, but for the purpose of this article, we will continue to refer to it as Vitamin D. Vitamin D is normally formed in the skin but its production is affected by Melanin and cholesterol that are also in the skin. Melanin forces the skin to adapt to sunlight or ultra violet rays’ intensities. Darker skin color is due to higher levels of Melanin in the skin. Melanin is produced by cells and enzymes. It is a genetic factor. Melanin cells and genes create this skin color also to prevent ultra violet rays (UV) from harming the folic acids in the skin and to avoid diseased conditions. The darker the skin is the greater the protection from UV rays. This is a genetic benefit for people that live close to the equator where the sun is more powerful and around all year long, but becomes a problem when the same person is living in a Northern climate. Darker skin color requires longer periods of time to create Vitamin D. White people need about five minutes to an hour to make adequate Vitamin D per day. Diasporans may need up to twelve hours per day. This poses two very critical problems. First, humans require Vitamin D for all body functions, and especially for glandular and reproductive functions. Secondly, our bodies begin the process of illness if a Vitamin D deficiency exists for too long. Apoptosis is the body’s immune system function of repairing or killing sick cells before these cells can lead to Cancer or other chronic diseases. Vitamin D deficiency will vastly limit and harm this key immune system function. Vitamin D deficiency therein prevents the body and the immune system from protecting the body from toxic, viral and bacterial attacks. It also prevents the body from rebuilding itself from illnesses.

How Vitamin D Works

Humans form Vitamin D from cholesterol. If Vitamin D is not being made by cholesterol, two harms immediately imperil the body: abnormal cholesterol metabolism and chronic Vitamin D deficiency. This kind of abnormal cholesterol metabolism is a factor linking Vitamin D deficiency to Prostate and Breast cancers as well as other degenerative diseases of the glands. The Studies have generally theorized that it is the main factor contributing to more Diasporans contracting the aggressive forms of these Cancers at a youthful age. Some Diasporan communities’ diets are rich in animal flesh, dairy products, processed and fast foods (in other words diets filled with proteins, fats and cholesterol), Vitamin D deficiency is unfortunately far more pernicious than other groups. Because some human glands are often very fatty tissues, especially the Prostate and Breast glands, clinical and epidemiological studies implicate unused or higher levels of cholesterol (fats and proteins) as a major promoter of Prostate cancer development and its aggressive progression. The Studies show that cholesterol also promotes tumor cell growth while conversely inhibiting Apoptosis immune functions (the body’s repairing or removal of unwanted or sick cells). Therefore, increases in body cholesterol from animal flesh and dairy products increases the body’s ingestion of fats, proteins and cholesterol and enhances the risks of certain diseases like Prostate cancer and perhaps Breast cancer. Nevertheless, NuSpecies does not necessarily, entirely endorse these Studies and so we look to NuSpecies anecdotal observations to support the NuSpecies Theory. The vast majority of NuSpeciesians report either high Cholesterol from their doctors’ medical exams, and or had diets high in animal flesh, dairy products and processed fast foods. Some NuSpeciesians with high Cholesterol also had Prostate, Breast and Cervical disorders and cancers. Many NuSpeciesians report Vitamin D deficiencies and low blood counts. Most NuSpeciesians with Prostate, Breast and other glandular disorders report that they are only between ages 30 and 55, observing that these disorders and cancers typically plague only older men and women between ages 70 and 100. NuSpeciesians between 30 and 50 state their shock at having these diseases so young. Their fathers and grand parents, they recall with consternation, had these diseases when they were usually past 70 years old. A fair number of NuSpeciesians do not trust doctors and so will not get medical or PSA check-ups, increasing their risk. All NuSpeciesians on our more potent formulas report significant health improvements over all. All NuSpeciesians with health conditions are strongly advised to follow their doctors’ treatments. Some report that they would not and had not before coming to NuSpecies. All NuSpeciesians on our more rigid health programs experience major health improvements in their reproductive glandular functions in a relatively short period. NuSpecies nevertheless theorizes that all health improvements arise from NuSpeciesians’ own God-given Apoptotic healing systems’ which benefited from our detoxification and rebuilding programs. These cleansing and rebuilding health programs assist in activating the body’s own healing systems at the cellular (nuclear, atomic and subatomic) levels. Through Apoptosis, Calcitriol hormones produced from Vitamin D are now able to play their central role in the body’s immune defense against cancers and other diseases. It is Calcitriol hormones that force the repair of sick cells in the Prostate. If Prostate cells are unable to repair themselves, Calcitriol forces Apoptosis (cell suicide) to protect the body from cancers and other diseases. Calcitriol, in the body’s healing process, even limits or cuts off blood supply to tumors in an attempt to kill the tumor or Cancer. Calcitriol Apoptosis is therefore human quantum energy being invoked by the body at the atomic and subatomic levels of cellular respiration and metabolism in defense of the body. NuSpecies finally theorizes that when the body is provided this kind of quantum cleansing and rebuilding, it activates its own machinery of prevention, treatment and cure of diseased conditions. NuSpeciesians taking NuSpecies Body Systems, NuSpecies Legend or NuSpecies Caveman Legend may be getting adequate Vitamin D and Calcium because of the health results being reported. Nevertheless, checking your Vitamin D and blood count levels with your doctors regularly is a great practice. NuSpecies can additionally support you and your family with our Vitamin A & D Cod Liver Oil formula if your body is found to require additional Vitamin D. Be wise in your choice of Vitamin D. Vitamin D products can be toxic and unsafe; most are synthetic or obtained from pond raised fish which lack nourishment. The wrong supplement can cause more harm than good. Vitamin D must have Vitamin A and other complimentary nutrients to assimilate usefully into the body and to either eliminate or minimize toxicity. Ensure that the product label has Natural and Organic inscribed on it before your purchase and double check the ingredients to be sure the product is actually natural and organic as there are no clear regulations for companies making these statements on their labels. It is important to recognize that even though Vitamin D is extremely important to your health, it is not the end all. Understanding and practicing all the aspects of a healthy lifestyle will contribute to your longevity and vitality. NuSpecies commitment to our clients embraces a Whole Body Rebuilding perspective and we work with them until they achieve the results they are looking for. If you are interested in learning more about how NuSpecies can help you reach your health goals, we offer free consultations to address all your concerns. You can call 1-888-548-3150 or visit us in Mt. Vernon at 7A E. Prospect Ave. or in Elmont at 21-35 Linden Blvd at the corner of 240th St. We look forward to serving as much of the community as possible.

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