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Holiday Weekend BBQ's - Exciting you or Stressing you out?

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Holiday Weekend BBQ's - Exciting you or Stressing you out?
How do you feel about the parties and bbq's coming up this weekend? Excited that there will be unlimited foods that you normally wouldn't eat? Or stressed that you don't know how you will resist all the tasty options? Regardless of which describes your feelings of the impending festivities, it is important to remember that these feelings are coming from a "diet" based mindset. The type of thinking that says that these foods will make or keep you fat and you must forbid them The worst part of this mindset is that it accomplishes the exact opposite. Outside of sheer force and anchored will power, you will likely taste something. The problem with forbidding these foods is that you create the necessity to make an "exception" for this occasion. This exception almost always turns into a binge because your brain is telling you, "this is your only chance, so enjoy it!" A couple hours later, you feel bloated, depressed and stuffed. The truth is, you can have these foods whenever you want. Every corner offers you the opportunity to eat something you would normally forbid in your diet. Since you are in a position to try and lose weight, it means that these "exceptions" are actually happening all the time. So if you are doing it anyway, than stop thinking you cannot have these foods! It is okay! Of course you still want to eat salad and fruit and nuts and fresh juices and smoothies. But picking here and there on other things you enjoy isn't going to destroy you. So stop fretting. You can have what you want! You probably already have all you want. Food is not that exciting. It is just there. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Let your body tell you when you have had enough to eat by reconnecting your brain to your stomach, relax, and enjoy yourself this weekend.

Eat well today and be proud of the progress you have made!

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