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Is Shame Keeping You From Getting Help?

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
Is Shame Keeping You From Getting Help?


There are many reasons you may not get the proper health care that you deserve. Are you one of them?

Over the years we’ve learned about the phenomenon of shame. For many men in our community, being diagnosed with a health condition related to their prostate brings up a debilitating case of shame.

From the logistics of the prostate exam to the side effects of prostate issues, men have related having a prostate condition with their manhood. They have concluded that:

  1. Having a prostate issue makes them less of a man


  1. That’s how others would judge them if they knew.

We’ve spoken to the wives of these men that tell us their husbands refuse to seek help.

Are you experiencing shame about your health condition? Is it stopping you from seeking the health care that you need?

We can’t tell you how to feel. We can’t fight against the strong cultural forces surrounding masculinity. What we can help you do is see the long-term picture of where your situation is headed.

Here’s why you need to move forward through the shame anyway.

  1. NuSpecies’ ND’s and your medical providers practice science. The only conclusions or judgments we form about your health condition is how it’s affecting your ability to live a long, strong life and what can we do to get you back to normal.
  2. NuSpecies’ ND’s and your medical providers have seen thousands of cases just like yours and in many cases worse than yours. You’re not the only one.
  3. NuSpecies understands the breakdown of the organ systems that cause prostate issues. It has nothing to do with your manhood.
  4. In most cases, when proper action is taken to rebuild their health, most men see a full recovery from their symptoms and are back to normal. REMEMBER: The root cause is the truth of the problem, NOT THE SYMPTOMS. Just because your manhood may not be the same as it once was, doesn’t mean your manhood is the problem. It’s just the victim of the underlying causes THAT CAN BE FIXED.
  5. If you ignore this issue and don’t get the help you need, the symptoms will get worse. If you ignore this issue, the underlying problems will spread to other organ symptoms. Eventually, you won’t be able to hide your health problems from others and you’ll have the face the shame anyway under much worse circumstances. Take care of this while you’re ahead.

Book a Free Consultation now with NuSpecies’ Naturopathic Doctor. Find out how we can help you begin the rebuilding process naturally.

After you’ve booked your appointment, if you have medical records and labs from your recent doctor’s appointments and tests, please fax them to us at 347-696-7965 or bring them with you to your first appointment.

Are you still not going to tell anyone or seek prostate-specific help?

You need to take every precaution to keep your body strong. Download NuSpecies’ FREE NuLife Program and follow it strictly. This doesn’t guarantee anything, but keeping your body strong is your next best defense if you won’t accept the guidance and help of a healthcare professional.

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