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Life Equals Nature and the Universe Squared

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Life Equals Nature and the Universe Squared
Life Equals Nature and the Universe Squared or L=NU2 In our Milky Way Galaxy Solar System and Earth… Life is an electrical storm! Like the planets, our galaxy, the Milky Way, Earth continuously revolves. This is the primary Law of Nature: The Motion of Mass. Mass moves and creates energy. But the Motion of Mass was first created by Chemistry. Motion converts mass or particles into energy. The Galaxy takes its time to revolve: 230 million years known as on “galactic year.” The Milky Way has only been around for about 52 galactic years, or 12 billion years. Our Sun, the Earth, and the other planets trek over a million miles each galactic year, creating vast waves of electromagnetic radiation in the Motion of Mass! Galaxies are vast aggregation of matter that hold anywhere from millions to hundreds of millions of stars. The cores of most galaxies, packed tightly with stars, glow gently, like the core of the Milky Way, like the galaxy to which Earth’s Sun and Solar System belong. But about 1 percent of the known galaxies have tiny cores so mysteriously bright, they shed more radiation than the rest of the galaxy put together. The cores often shine with the light of many billions of stars. Imagine a burning and twirling mass of stars creating such exponential energy (light). Deadly radiation results though they are many galactic years away. Our Milky Way forms a huge, irregular circle of stars titled about 60 degrees to the celestial equator. Our Milky Way Galaxy is rotating like a whirlpool with spiral arms outstretched for hundreds of millions of miles and whirling through space at about 180 miles per second. Unimaginable, isn’t it? How is it possible Life is surviving on this planet called Earth that is whirling and rotating in a motion at an incredible speed that we can’t even see or sense? Earth is in perfect orbit rotating around the sun in a perfect ellipse, if it were a little bit faster or slower moving at the wrong distance, in the wrong direction, we would not exist. We also know that if the Earth was spinning a little bit faster or in a slower revolution we would again not exist. And we also know that if the crust of the Earth called the Moho Cover or Plastic Zone (balloon) that we live on was a little bit thicker or thinner than 30 miles, all Life forms we also would be dead. In fact, we are in the perfect position 93 million miles away from the burning sun. We know the axial inclination is 23 degrees producing the seasons, which are growing our plants that we eat. If it were a few degrees higher or lower we would not exist. We sincerely thank the universe that our magnetic hard core of the Earth is the right size as Venus, spinning at the perfect rotational speed of 1,040 miles per hour at the equator. Oh’ and a reminder, if even the moon which slows down the earth’s speed was not the right distance or the right size which is mysteriously identical to the path of sun in an ellipse, we would not exist! Earth’s atmosphere is a lucky fluke. We are the only known planet in the Solar System with liquid “water” on the surface; at exactly the right temperature to keep it evaporating and condensing (without ever boiling off); with the precise mixture of gases to shield us from radiation yet allow the heat to escape; and with a varied enough surface (thanks to the seas and oceans) to produce the intricate, interlocking patterns of our weather. Earth’s atmosphere was originally very thin and consisted of swirling clouds of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, ammonia and methane. There was little or no oxygen. This mixture allowed ultraviolet rays from the sun to bathe the Earth’s surface with an intensity that would be lethal to modern animal life. Electrical storms raged in the clouds, bombarding the land and the seas with lightning. There is a lot of evidence suggesting that the atmosphere of the primitive Earth was quite different from the present atmosphere. Yet what are the chance chemical reactions or interactions that led to the formation of the first organic molecules? Why are they so many different species of Life? One of the most important types of complex organic molecules is the class known as amino acids. These are not Life forms, but they are the essential building block for still bigger molecules called proteins, which in turn are essential ingredients of cells. So we are chemical molecules of chance. How do we preserve health and Life? Chemistry and Physics have given us the universe and Earth or Nature and the Universe. If we do not abide by the Laws of Nature, why expect vibrant Life and hope for longevity? Will Chemistry and Physics be mankind’s unforgiven? Laboratory experiments were made to discover what might happen to chemical constituents under certain conditions. What will become of our own chemical alterations of our ecology? Gases mixed with water vapor were subjected to “electrical discharge” and ultraviolet light. What are the larger electromagnetic consequences to an environment or ecology filled carbon? Does it even matter? Should you even care? While scientists have not gone so far as to create living material in the lab, they have shown how the amino acids “grew” from primeval atoms and simple molecules. This discovery was first demonstrated in 1952. Harold Urey and Stanly Miller at the University of Chicago made the breakthrough. Here they devised an experiment to simulate life-forming conditions in the early environment. They used a beaker containing steam, methane, ammonia, hydrogen (to represent early air), and water (to represent the ocean). Steam from the “early oceans” circulated through the “early air” and re-condensed. To represent lightning from early thunderstorms, they repeatedly passed electric sparks through these gaseous moistures. In a matter of days, the clear oceans in the beaker had turned muddy red. The dark color was from a thick concentration of amino acids, synthesized from the water and gases with the help of the energy from the “lightning.” These are the electrical atoms of Amino Acids essential to Life. These atoms eventually formed Life from Nature and the Universe. After only a week of this treatment, complex molecules were found to have formed in the moisture, including sugars, nucleic acids and amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. Don’t be amazed. Life is not a mystery. It is Chemistry and Physics at work. Life is dynamic. Our amazement is merely a symptom of our prevailing ignorance. A doomed destiny awaits us when ignorance triumphs. Nevertheless, there seems no doubt that molecules such as these could have formed in the seas of the Earth at the very beginning of our primordial universe. NuSpecies inventions and nutritional formulas are in accord with the Laws of Chemistry and Physics. Purity of genes is the ultimate energy for all Life forms. The referenced experiment was a breakthrough in understanding what happened on primordial Earth. It proved that the building blocks of Life were created on Earth from Chemistry and Physics. It shows the necessity of biological systems obedience to the Laws of Nature. So much can go wrong when we don’t. According to these results, amino acids or Life might form anywhere, not just on early Earth. Scientists have found that certain carbon-rich black meteorites, called carbonaceous chondrites, are also rich in forms of amino acids. We often think of humans as being more evolved than bacteria or viruses, but Life is in fact both the product of billions of years of evolution. And at the rate at which humans die from self-inflicted diseases and man-made catastrophes, other Life forms will certainly outlive humans. But do we even care? Imagine that the first living things had to survive in the presence of the primitive atmosphere having little or no oxygen. They would only be able to obtain energy from sugars by anaerobic fermentation, as yeast and other organisms do today. The presence of oxygen in the atmosphere permitted the evolution of systems of biochemical reactions in which sugar is decomposed completely into carbon dioxide and water to the aerobic type of energy released and commonly found in present-day organisms. All matter (living and non-living) is made up of atoms, humans too. Avoid premature atomic decay and live your full genetic Life. In perfect proportions, Life is made from the Chemistry and Physics in Nature and the Universe.

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