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NuSpecies' Medical Practice is Coming!

Posted by Kayla Bowen on
NuSpecies' Medical Practice is Coming!
We're elated to announce that we will be opening a medical practice! ✨🩺🌿

This medical practice is for you.

After many years on the nutritional side of health, we've witnessed many gaps in healthcare that have caused tragic results for too many of us.

NuSpecies Medical Practice is designed to fill the gap between managing disease and rebuilding health. In the video below you'll:

  • Meet Dr. Glenicia Nosworthy
  • Hear Aston's reason for forming a medical practice
  • Learn how this is different from the past when doctors worked for NuSpecies
  • And hear the stories that motivate and inspire the design of the practice

What are your greatest hopes for your medical care? What are your biggest fears?

How can this practice fill in the gaps, so you feel secure and achieve your health goals?

Would you make NuSpecies' MD your primary care physician?

Please fill out the survey below so we can build a practice that serves you:

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1 comment

  • monica on

    i have been suffering with RA since 1986. No cure. Praying to get my health back. planning to travel to N Y to meet with your doctor.

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