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Win the Battle Over Symptoms, Avoid the War with Prostate Cancer

Posted by Kayla Bowen on
Win the Battle Over Symptoms, Avoid the War with Prostate Cancer

by Aston Farquharson, NuSpecies CEO & President

While I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “prevention is better than cure,” I’ve spent the last 25 years experiencing it in my personal and professional life. Many NuSpecies male customers have successfully eradicated the known signs that threaten the development of prostate cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), a sign of prostate cancer includes urine frequency or urgency, enlarged prostate and erectile dysfunction. If your urologist diagnoses you with any of these symptoms, you could already have cancer cells in your prostate.

Don’t wait for a prostate cancer diagnosis to fight. Any symptom means you could be at high risk for developing prostate cancer. Prostatectomy and/or radiation do not work for everyone and come with serious consequences.

They can minimize or completely destroy your quality of life with your significant other. It’s the number one regret of all NuSpecies male customers who live with any level of castration.

You have the power now to choose to win the battle over the symptom(s) by making the right lifestyle changes in order to avoid a war later with cancer.

Many NuSpecies male customers have made the life-threatening error of not taking the symptoms seriously. Most believe that their doctors’ treatments for the symptoms will prevent cancer from occurring or lower their PSA levels. They move on with their lives completely depending on this treatment and assume their urologist is making sure they don’t develop prostate cancer. Wrong!

According to the ACS, cancer arises from mutated genes—meaning the biochemical structure of your DNA and genes has changed from mutation to malignancy. These changes have many causes including viruses or hormones in a state of imbalance. Prostate diseases can worsen by hormonal imbalances where estrogen and/or testosterone causes mutated cells to multiply out of control. Standard urology treatments aren’t addressing these root causes.

If you’re a man with a prostate issue, you must seek help to address the root causes. You must also keep your immune system strong. A normal white blood cell count doesn’t necessarily mean a strong enough immune system. Some NuSpecies male customers with prostate cancer have a perfect blood test report and PSA levels below 4, which is considered normal.

The ACS also reports that if you are a man of African ancestry in the Northern Hemisphere, you have a higher risk of prostate cancer, especially if you already have a family history of the disease. You must start screening for prostate cancer once your PSA is above 1, definitely above 2.

With early detection and taking the right action, you can live better and longer.

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    Hello I am stage 2 prostate cancer and before going for Radiation as my doctor suggested, I would like a consultation
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