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NuSpecies' Status During Coronavirus Pandemic

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
NuSpecies' Status During Coronavirus Pandemic

Dear NuSpecians:

Our locations are operating on a Pickup Only basis with one employee per location.

We're also providing delivery to your homes in addition to our standard USPS shipping option.

We understand that you may be frustrated that NuSpecies has continued to operate with curbside pick up only. The state has opened back up, but our country is still in the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, and thousands are still being infected by and dying from COVID-19.

The state and federal governments have to consider the economy when making decisions about re-opening industries. NuSpecies is only concerned with protecting your health. Many of our clients have pre-existing conditions that make our community members very high risk of death by COVID-19.

We're so grateful to have you in our community and for your passion for our formulas. We don't want you to get sick while trying to purchase formulas to keep you healthy!

Our business hours may vary depending on several factors that will be evaluated week-to-week.

Phone/Email/Text Support

Our team is still on the phones answering your questions, booking your appointments, and placing your orders from 8 am - 7 pm.

We're currently experiencing staff shortages due to in-office social distancing that may create some delays for phone/email/text support at this time. Please leave a detailed message on our voicemail, email, or text so that we can be prepared to serve you when we call you back.

Staying Informed

NuSpecies’ App will provide daily updates of our business hours in each location.

You can download it here:

Apple App Store - Download Now

Google Play Store - Download Now

Here is how you can pick up at our locations:


  1. Call 1-845-440-7458
  2. If you know what you need to pick up, just place your order with any of our team members.
  3. If you don’t know what you need, you’ll speak to Aston or our naturopathic doctor.
  4. Tell us which location you’re picking up at and what time. We will assign you a "pick up" slot on the calendar so we can space out your pick up time from other clients.
  5. Your order will be packed for you.
  6. When you arrive at the door, please wear a mask and hold up your ID or credit card so that we can identify you.
  7. If you’re paying cash, please have the exact amount or round up. In order to minimize physical contact, we won’t be able to provide change.
  8. Put the cash in the receptacle and step back at least 6 ft.
  9. The employee will collect it and then hang your package outside.
  10. Once the employee is back inside, you can come forward to pick up your package.

If you need to ask the employee any questions or change something with your order you won't be able to talk at the door. If we have your number, our employee will call your cell. If we don't, please call client services (1-845-440-7458) and you'll be transferred to the local office line. If the lines are tied up, text us at 1-845-400-8006 and the employee at the location will check our system for your text and then call your number.

For your protection as well as our employees’, please keep in mind:

1. You must call and place your order before showing up at the location.

2. The employee cannot speak to you at the door, as this will allow you both to be in close contact with each other and it will defeat the protective purpose of curbside pickup (social distancing).

3. The employee will not be able to speak to you through the door. Please call the main number and you can be transferred to that employee.



Please call 1-845-440-7458 to book your free appointment. You can choose to speak over the phone or by video. If you choose the video option, we'll send you a secure link in a text or email. It will connect you directly to our team.

Please stay safe and healthy.

Your immune system must be strong if your body is going to be empowered to fight this virus and the disease COVID-19 that it causes.

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, take your NuSpecies, drink a lot of water, exercise, sleep well, manage stress with deep breathing, etc.

Follow Aston’s guidelines and those recommended by the CDC.

If you’re on Facebook, Aston and I will be Live as often as possible to stay connected with you and answer questions or just to talk with you about what’s going on.

Please join us. This is our page.

Create a positive environment during your time at home. Always look for the light in these darker times. It’s there.

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  • Aston on

    @Giana – Yes, NuSpecies provides free health education on Irie Jam’s show.

  • Aston on

    @Adewole – Thank you!

  • Adewole Heshimu on

    Hi there Aston I was looking at your new episodes and I was shocked to hear how people was advising you on your initial setting up Nu Species and in fact they they were advising you to put fillers in your products to make more money I am happy that you declined to go that recommended way to make more money Thank God Hence that’s why so many products do not work

  • Giana on

    Are you on 93.5 fm

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