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Raw Food FAQ's

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Raw Food FAQ's

1. What is a raw food?

Raw foods are foods that have never been heated above 118 F (42 C). This means that they are likely in their freshest possible form. Raw foods are unprocessed, unpreserved, and most beneficial if they are completely organic.

2. Why should I eat raw?

Raw foods contain more nutrients, minerals, and enzymes than foods that have been cooked or processed because cooking and processed kills enzymes and destroys vitamins and minerals. Eating foods in their most nutrient-dense form gives your body the best possible chance to absorb the nutrients and use them toward your health.

3. What are the health benefits of eating raw foods?

Since raw foods contain more absorbable vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, the health benefits are numerous! Many people that switch to a raw diet notice more energy, clearer skin, weight loss, deeper sleep, and less days of feeling sick.

4. What foods can I eat in a raw diet?

Raw food diets typically are very heavy in fruits and vegetables but they also include raw nuts, raw dried fruits, fermented foods, and germinated seeds. There are endless recipes and ways to make raw food!

5. Is eating raw good for the planet?

Yes! Eating raw foods mean that no energy or chemicals were expended to create your meals. The earth benefits from people utilizing simpler food sources.

6. What about protein?

This is a common concern for people considering the switch to a raw diet. The thing that may surprise you is that fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds contain vegan proteins that are as valuable to the body as diary and meat proteins. Uncooked foods have more protein in the useable form than cooked foods so you are also getting more protein per bite in many cases!

7. Are raw foods safe?

Raw foods are as safe as cooked foods if you are mindful of how they are prepared. Washing fruits and vegetables in purified water or an organic produce wash and storing foods safely will alleviate many food safety issues.

8. Where should I buy my fruits and vegetables?

Choose your fruits and vegetables carefully in order to get the most nutrients out of them. Organically grown, local produce will have the most bio-available vitamins and minerals. Look for local farmers markets and farm stands. Also focus on buying what is in season and involved the least transportation.

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