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Reconnect: Positive Relationships are Good for Your Health

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
Reconnect: Positive Relationships are Good for Your Health
Running a company costs me my most valuable asset - time. I imagine many of you have equally demanding work & life responsibilities. Having a social life outside my home is nearly impossible. Having a social life within my home, almost as hard. A few times a week, I have to make a conscious effort to close my laptop, put down my phone, turn on the music, and sit on the floor while my children play around me. If I have enough energy, we’ll play silly games, or play small-scale inside sports across the living room. My family recently suffered a loss. It made us all think harder about spending time together, but mostly it made those of us that don’t live in the same state feel a stronger desire to stay in touch. My cousin and I scheduled a weekly standing Skype session so that we make sure to actually live our lives together, rather than always playing catch up every six months. Life is more enjoyable when I’m sharing it in real time, rather than recapping events. Relationships that bring you joy are good for your health. Your challenge today is to carve out 15 minutes to reconnect with those you love. Maybe this week you’ve only spoken to your spouse about bills, food, work, children and housekeeping. Tonight, ask him how he feels. What is currently motivating her or frustrating him? Has he heard a good joke lately? Maybe you have a good friend, a sibling or child that lives in another state or country. Get on Facetime, Skype, or Google Hangouts and see how she is doing. Whatever reconnecting means for you, take a minimum of 15 minutes tonight and do it. Want to get daily text reminders during our ReNu Challenges? Sign Up Want to join the ReNu Challenge Email List? Join Here What is the ReNu Challenge? Many of us spend years of our lives living with an all-or-nothing mentality, especially when it comes to taking care of our health and our bodies. We’re either eating the “perfect” diet, following our NuSpecies programs, and exercising every day OR we act destructively, eating anything that is in front of us, not taking our NuSpecies, and not exercising, all while feeling guilty, ashamed, unhappy and unfulfilled. NuSpecies ReNu Challenge is a monthly reminder from Jillian, NuSpecies Co-Founder, that everyday is a new opportunity to make a better choice for your health. Every meal is a new opportunity. Every interaction today is a new opportunity. Just because you ate a bacon, egg and cheese for breakfast, doesn’t mean you can’t have a salad for lunch. Just because someone else isn’t being a decent human, doesn’t mean you should go down to their level. Life isn’t black and white and living on the all-or-nothing roller coaster isn’t sustainable. Each day during the week of NuSpecies’ ReNu Challenge, Jillian will challenge you to take one simple action that protects your health.

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