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"The Resurrection of the Kushites" Series - Part II

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
"The Resurrection of the Kushites" Series - Part II

Have you seen "Resurrection of the Kushites - Intro"? You can watch it first here!

This video series will show the emergence of the Kushites and the Ancient Egyptians via their accomplishments from Qustul to Kerma to Ta-Seti, Ethiopia, and Nubia.

We're exploring the early beginnings of human history based on archeological finds and DNA evidence.

Part II makes the case that the renaming of "Alkebulan" to "Africa", "Kemet" to "Egypt", and "Kush" to "Ethiopia" shortly before the birth of Christ caused the Kushite culture, heritage, history, and inventions to be lost and left out of the history books.

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  • Adewole Heshimu on

    Brother Aston I listened to the second episode of the extraordinary talent of the Alkabulan people and my blood began to boil realizing how folks have destroyed our natural way of life Brother I do hope God gives you the strength and conviction and protection to carry one educating us
    Brother I was almost moved to tears. Blessings and protection to you

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