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So What is Life?

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So What is Life?
Life is Nature and the Universe, and Earth is our home. Life is Nature’s thousands of elements, 92 of which are well known. Life requires only 20 of these elements to intermix, for example, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon etc. These elements are in foods and herbs in varying levels but these elemental nutrients (green whole foods, vitamins and minerals) will only sustain long Life when consumed raw.

So How do these Elements or Life get sick?

Radiation, germs, bacteria, viruses, toxins or chemicals in the air and in foods are the destroyers of Life. Any one of these can cause from a common cold to cancer when it attacks a cell or atom. Sickness Life or our body (requires only 20 of the 92 elements (made of organic minerals/ organic chemicals) of which oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen are a few) is mostly water-filled with proteins. These proteins are made of cells; cells are made up of atoms, each atom has protons, neutrons, and electrons to be healthy, so there are hydrogen atoms, oxygen atoms, as there are uranium atoms. Sickness of the body begins when virus, bacteria, germs, radiation, toxin etc. harms an atom and causes it to lose an electron or a proton or a neutron; sickness worsens when the body has no Antioxidant to replace the lost electron or proton or neutron in the damaged atom; sickness spirals when a cell’s damaged atom harms the cell, then harms the element. The 20 elements with their atoms string together to form molecules that make up our DNA and RNA (RNA is the process of cell growth and death in DNA). Think of RNA as a communications systems; it tells the DNA strands that they need to replenish damaged or dead cells; even mutant cells. A damaged cell means a damaged molecule. An unrepaired, damaged molecule overtime damages your DNA, the basis for the chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. When the cells or atoms are exposed to radiation, germs, viruses, bacteria in sufficient quantity in foods, water, the air, from any source, the result is either cell damage or death, and if not treated or healed by very good nutrition, can lead to cell mutation at the DNA level causing tumors and thus diseases from the common cold to cancer. Think of your body as always in a state of homeostasis or equilibrium, processing raw, whole foods to maintain health with their enzymes that burn the foods with little or no energy from you (cooked or processed foods have no enzymes). Pack your body with meats, cooked foods, saturated fats or other junk and your body is forced to activate your Immune System to kill these bad foods (an impossible ask of your body since your intelligent body will only treat such foods like the aliens viruses, bacteria, germs etc.). Because junk food has no enzymes to process it, it sits in your stomach and intestines and become toxins or form bacteria and cause sickness or disease. You see, sickness is not magical! In the above scenario, your Immune System becomes busy and weakened trying to remove the alien you place in your body while the real alien devils are attacking your cells elsewhere. Now you know why you feel tired and sleepy from fatty, processed and cooked meals. How to Avoid Sickness Don’t live normally as it is the badly informed habits of our culture, live correctly. NuSpecies LNu was invented to nuke virus, germs, bacteria, toxins, radiation and whatever symptoms or disease they cause. In the seriously toxin environment of Earth, eating well alone will probably not be enough, thus the natural organic nature of NuSpecies LNu or its equivalent. In the meantime, follow the NuSpecies LifeStyle. Have a keen awareness of what you and your kids eat. Before you shop, know what are fats and saturated fats, and the effects foods with them have on your cells and atoms. Ask yourself what nutritional values you are truly purchasing? Don’t waste your hard earned $$ on garbage foods that will probably only cause premature death. Are the foods truly natural or are they made in labs as synthetic foods, like drugs? Your loved ones and children deserve the best. Fatty foods create natural hospitable, nesting, comfy habitats in your stomach and intestines for critters like germs or microbes. And they are indeed devils that can harm or kill you. They’re cells or atoms killers. They’re why you and your children get sick, aged, diseased, die prematurely before good Old Age. Know what you’re feeding your children and loved ones: Buy only natural organic foods: vegetables, fruits, nuts, fibers etc. They’re loaded with Antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients. (Non-organic foods are proven over and over to have very little nutrients overall). Since it is impossible to eat enough organic foods to supply your high-octane body with nutrients, you MUST consume organic multivitamins with minerals, flavonoids, isoflavones, carotenoids, phytonutrients, phytochemicals, trace minerals, enzymes, and Antioxidants. These enable your body systems to be fully oxygenated. A fully oxygenated body is incapable of contracting disease. Benefits of natural organic foods: a powerful Immune System of White Blood cells like a massive fleet of nuclear bombs are created and stored to unleash Antioxidants to the invading devils. Natural and organic foods will rapidly repair damaged cells or replace dead ones while nuking the devils and purifying their hospitable nests. A powerful Immune System also unleashes the natural Healing Systems of your organs or Body Systems to fight tumors and diseases and these devils causing them. Remember that every human being has thousands of damaged and dead cells daily. This is inevitable and avoidable! So nuke them or they will nuke you! Now you know who god is and his Prevent Treatment Cure for you to continuously heal your body. Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding of the above is your path to this fulfilled Life! Once you prevent or cure a sickness or disease and evict the devils, you now must continue living the NuSpecies LifeStyle to ensure they stay evicted, to ensure your long life to good Old Age as god promised and the devil defies. Don’t wait to get sick and do surgery or use hard drugs, chemotherapy & radiation (that also kill good cells and cause the deaths of about quarter of a million people yearly in the US alone). Radiation is toxin/poison! Sadly, most people would rather take hard drugs or go through chemo-radiation treatment rather than give up sugar, soft drinks, cigarettes, garbage foods, alcohol (cancer foods) than live correctly … you get the point!

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