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3 Tips to Live Healthier in 2023

Posted by Kayla Bowen on
3 Tips to Live Healthier in 2023

Happy New Year, NuSpecians!

I'm sure many of us share the same new year's resolution: get healthier.

For a lot of us, however, each year it plays out like this: we might stick to a diet and exercise plan for the first week or two of January, until we slip up, get discouraged, and throw in the towel.

I know I've done this. I've certainly let momentary slip-ups snowball into giving up for months and months, until suddenly it's December again and I'm feeling just as crummy as I did a year ago.

This year, I'm determined to not let that happen. As we enter 2023 with the goal to get healthier, I want to offer you the same encouragement I'm giving myself and others in my life with this same goal.

1. Progress isn't linear.

We often don't accomplish something or get where we want to go on an easy, straight path.

If you're working on getting healthier, I want you to remember that slipping up doesn't mean your progress goes down the drain.

If you slip up on your health goals this year, don't let it snowball into giving up on your health goals altogether.

The time you already spent eating healthier, exercising, and taking your NuSpecies formulas was still valuable time!

Your body still experienced the benefits of your previous hard work.

If you mess up and eat something you shouldn't or forget to take your NuSpecies, remember that you can get right back on track. This slip-up doesn't need to lead to throwing in the towel. You are in control.

The time you spent "on the wagon" was time that you proved to yourself that you are capable of doing right by your body. Get up, dust yourself off, and hop back on that wagon!

2. Breaking old habits & building new ones starts off hard and only gets easier.

I like to think about it scientifically. We have trillions of neural pathways in our brains – connections between neurons that send signals from one part of the brain to another.

All of your current habits have neural pathways in your brain. When you go to perform one of those habits, the signals are sent from one part of the brain to another along those pathways.

When you're consciously trying to form a new habit, it takes a while for your brain to form those new pathways.

So, the new habits you're forming won't come as easy to you as the old ones, because those old paths are already there and ready.

It takes time to form new pathways in your brain and resist following old ones, and over time, the old ones go away as your brain stops using them.

That's why it can be so challenging in the beginning to break old habits and form new ones. The new habits are not what your brain is currently trained to do.

But over time, it will get easier and easier. On average, it takes about 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic. If you can keep pushing past the two-month mark, these healthier habits will become second nature and it will be so much easier to resist old temptations.

You are worth the initial discomfort it takes to build new, healthier habits.

3. Supplementation is your secret weapon.

Something I've heard Aston and Jillian say countless times is that in the U.S., the vast majority of us are chronically malnourished.

Our bodies simply aren't getting all of the vitamins and minerals they need from the foods we eat, even if we're striving to eat as healthily as we can.

For instance, by the time our fruits and vegetables get from the farm to the factory to the plane to the truck to the store and finally to our dinner plates, the majority of the nutrients have long died off.

Supplementation with NuSpecies raw, liquid formulas serves two purposes.

1. It fills in the gap for the nutrition we can't possibly get from our food.

2. The second point I'm about to make, though, is what makes NuSpecies' formulas your secret weapon to success this year.

When our bodies aren't getting the proper nourishment, they go into survival mode. When our bodies are in survival mode, they crave sugar and carbohydrates. If you're not supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals, those cravings for unhealthy foods are going to be more intense and harder to resist.

I think the perfect package to start off your year with is either our Multi-vitamin & Multi-mineral Package, or our Maintenance Package.

Multi-vitamin and Multi-mineral package

In both packages, you're getting 3-month supplies of both our B-Complex with Vitamin C formula and our Mineral Complex formula. They encompass the vitamins and minerals you're not getting enough of in your food. 

These bottles will both last you the entire first quarter of the year, which means you'll still have them by your side at that 2-month mark of forming your new habit. 

NuSpecies Maintenance Package

The Maintenance Package adds our Cleanse & Detoxify Intestines & Colon formula. Whatever you're eating, you've got hardened, fecal matter buildup on your intestine and colon walls. This toxic buildup contributes to overall poor health.

Ever get a colonoscopy? They'll have you take laxatives beforehand so you can get all that buildup out and they can see more clearly the walls of your colon. This works for those special occasions, but what about the rest of the time?

Laxatives are harsh on the digestive system and deplete your body of healthy bacteria, so they're not healthy for regular use.

Unlike laxatives, our Cleanse & Detoxify Intestines & Colon formula doesn't deplete the essential healthy bacteria in your digestive system, and gently scrubs that fecal buildup off the colon walls. It also doesn't cause disruption in your life like laxatives do – you won't find yourself sprinting to the bathroom at work!

All three of these NuSpecies formulas come together to form an incredible, strong trio of high-potency nutrition that will help you stay on track in accomplishing your 2023 health goals.

In conclusion...

Bookmark this page and come back to this when you need some encouragement as you strive to live healthier in 2023.

You deserve a long, healthy life. You deserve to feel good when you get up in the morning.

You are worth the effort it takes to feel better both physically and mentally.

I believe in you. Let's make 2023 the year we change our lives for the better!

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  • Susan B on

    First time leaving a comment but for this 2023 I am trying to get healthier as I have been a nuspecian for over 6years I have had improved in some areas energy up and.for my 94yrs old mum I put her on the arthritis pack for pain and she has improved but for me stress can throw a individual body out of place sometimes, but detox works well and I will call in to discuss certain issues soon. Aston you and your team are a blessing to so many continue to do God’s work…

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