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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by Kayla Bowen on
2022 Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year when gifting is on the brain.

Figuring out what to get for all the special people in your life can be tough, especially in a wor ld where advertisements flash in our faces literally thousands of times a day.

With so many gadgets and gizmos on the market these days, it can be challenging to narrow down the perfect gift for your loved one – something that won't be tossed aside and forgotten about come January, something they will truly get good use out of.

Why not give the gift of good health this year?


We've put together a gift guide to help you pick the perfect product(s) for your loved ones.


What to get the person who needs...


💥 A Burst of Energy 

Whether you're looking for something for the person in your life who always seems to be on the go, or the person who's been in a bit of a rut and needs a boost to get back on their feet, our Raw Energy "Fiery Focus" is a great option.

NuSpecies Raw Energy "Fiery Focus" is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, flavonoids, and minerals. This raw, wild-crafted, organic, plant-based energy boost will support your loved one's sustained energy throughout the day without the downsides of caffeinated products.

Get one for their stocking or buy a few and stick them in a gift bag.

Buy it here! 

nuspecies probiotic


Want to gift long-term increased energy, plus other health benefits? Check out the next product on our list...


🎁 One Product to Kick their Year Off Right

Get an incredible bang for your buck with NuSpecies' Multivitamin 3-month Supply. With so many health benefits packed into just one bottle, this is the perfect gift for someone just starting out with NuSpecies.

Start your loved one's year off right with a 3-month supply of our Multivitamin B-Complex with Vitamin C and they'll reap the benefits of your gift of good health for the whole first quarter of 2023!

Taking the B-Vitamins Complex with Vitamin C, they can expect:

  • To stimulate the production of “feel good” hormones and help manage stress.
  • To support powerful energy on a daily basis.
  • To support the production of blood
  • To rebuild and strengthen their hair, skin and nails
  • To support their brain health
  • To support their DNA, genes, and cells
  • Plus, we've added Vitamin C for additional immune support

Learn more about the benefits of our B-Complex formula here.

nuspecies b complex formula

Double your loved one's gift with the Multi-Vitamin & Multi-Mineral Package!

They'll get 3 month's worth of both NuSpecies' multivitamin AND multimineral formulas for only $89.49.

Buy the Multivitamin B-Complex with Vitamin C here!

Buy the Multivitamin & Multimineral Package here!



🤧 Allergy Relief

For those with seasonal allergies, NuSpecies' Bee Pollen Extract is their effective, plant-based solution.

For only $24.99, they'll get a powerful supplement that will give their body what it needs to fight off the dust, pollen, ragweed, or whatever else causes them to sneeze and sniffle every year.

Think this isn't the right time of year to gift allergy relief? Natural allergy relief is most effective when you start taking it in advance. For someone with springtime allergies, they should start taking NuSpecies' Bee Pollen Extract no later than February!

Buy it here!

nuspecies bee pollen extract


🌱 A High Quality Daily Probiotic

Like the rest of the supplement industry, the probiotic segment has become very confusing.

Which probiotic is the best? Which one do you need? How long can you take it for? How many strains do you need?

You can simplify your search for a probiotic by starting with acidophilus bacteria.

NuSpecies' Lactobacillus Acidophilus Probiotic is designed to give your gut the most foundational support on a daily basis.

This is because acidophilus is in great abundance in your gut versus other bacteria and is the most important bacteria to replenish on a daily basis to give yourself the most benefit for your effort.

With so many of us living on processed foods, NuSpecies' probiotic helps to reduce the stressors of the modern processed diet by replenishing the healthy bacteria that the body depends most on.

NuSpecies' probiotic promotes balanced gut flora and optimal digestive and immune function.

Buy it here!

nuspecies probiotic


🌿 Help with Digestion, or Just a High Quality Detox

Most of us eat processed food, and it's not easy to stick to a "perfect" healthy diet.

Those processed foods strain our digestive system, and hardened fecal matter builds up on our colon walls, leading to digestive issues.

Your loved one who struggles with digestive issues will find relief in NuSpecies' Cleanse and Detoxify Intestines and Colon.

This is a plant-based formulation that supports a healthy stomach, intestines, and colon.

Formulated to:

  • Break up hardened fecal matter
  • Kill parasites
  • Remove toxins
  • Nourish the intestines with whole herb powder to get the full benefit of each natural ingredient


  • Supports the gentle removal of toxins from intestines and colon.
  • Provides a gentle scrub of intestinal and colon wall
  • NOT a laxative, so it won’t deplete the healthy bacteria 
  • Won’t stress digestive organs and tissues, safe for daily use
  • Your loved one can go to work, travel, and do normal activities while using NuSpecies’ detox
  • Raw, Whole Food, Organic/Wildcrafted, and completely natural

NuSpecies' Cleanse and Detoxify Intestines and Colon formula comes in powder and capsule form. We recommend getting someone new to this formula the capsule form to start with.

They can try the powder by itself by opening a capsule and mixing the powder into water. If they find they are fine with the taste of the powder by itself, they can buy the detox in powder form when they restock to save money.

Buy it here!


Curious about other options?

We've got a wide array of raw, liquid, and plant-based products addressing a large range of your body's needs.

You're sure to find that just-right product for your loved one this holiday!

Click here to shop our whole product catalogue.

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    @Judula – We are so happy to hear this! Thank you for sharing.

  • Judula on

    Can’t get over how pain free I am
    From my neck to my foot bottom was always n pain no more
    Thank u Nuspecies

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