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The Chemistry of Life! The Diasporan Tragedy

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The Chemistry of Life! The Diasporan Tragedy
People of indigenous African origin migrating and living in communities of the Northern Hemisphere that includes America, the Caribbean and Europe are referred to as the Diaspora. Because the Chemistry and Physics of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres vary by the regions closer to the Equator crossing the continents, the variations seem to have an extraordinary, genetic impact on the Diaspora. There is also evidence that living contrary to one’s genetic chemistry is a prescription for long suffering and, for too many, long suffering or sudden and premature deaths. Along with my scientists in the rich and diverse fields of Chemistry and Physics, we have made many related discoveries in Chemistry and Physics in our study of solar science. We are choosing to give this portion of our discoveries away, hopefully, for the general welfare of mankind. The subject being discussed is The Chemistry of Earth but I will answer a lingering question in the minds of many Blacks. A question most will never discuss. Why Blacks or Diasporans have one of the highest mortality rates for diseases such as cancer (especially prostate cancer), diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, as well as the autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and lupus? NuSpecies Foundation, NuSpecies Corporation, Solar Corporation and our affiliates invite you to pass this article to your friends and relatives. It might help bring awareness and save a life. Note that this discussion, based on any similar, geographic and scientific deductions, may also affect all racial groups from a regional and continental. When my father died of Prostate Cancer, I was determined to know why a man whose first brush with illness was cancer. I also knew of too many victims in our neighborhoods with “stoppage of water” like my father. I felt vulnerable and was worried for my brothers and uncles. Was I going to die at forty or fifty from prostate cancer? I was determined to learn everything there was about human health, regardless. I particularly want to know how race or human history plays a role in premature illness and death. My research took me into African as well as world history. I delved back hundreds of thousands of years, spending thousands of hours in libraries, bookstores and online which all proved wholly inadequate. We should never be persuaded by theories and suppositions alone. General theories do not answer concrete questions because logic is never an adequate condition of truth. So I turned to scientists, the legends in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics: Gauss, Faraday, Maxwell, Newton, Tesla, our own modern-day Michael Faraday - Roland Mousaa, and there are many others. More personal to me, I wanted to know why Blacks in North America, Europe and the Caribbean are more afflicted by the fore-mentioned deadly diseases than perhaps all other racial groups. Reports from the US CDC have suggested the same. I accept those reports and the associated trends but I do accept that poverty is the main cause of this Diasporan tragedy! Prevailing theories have been advanced in good faith but they were only that: theories or ideas gleaned from very generous, fertile imagination. I will not cite to any because none embraced science. A work of this import is immediately trivial if the laws of organic chemistry are amiss. Some researchers mention genetics but failed to specify concrete conclusions or how or why their assertions were based in the Laws of Chemistry and Physics. General theories based on historical trends would also not satisfy these important, emotional questions. Chemistry answers all questions, if you know where to look. In reality, everything is Chemistry! Chemistry does NOT lie. I accept all the judgments of Chemistry. Yet I recognize that Mother Nature does not easily give up her secrets. This is one assertion every scientist of repute will agree on, and the tireless work in our laboratory has substantiated this conclusion. This treatment on the Diaspora is not offered as a complete rendition of truth. It is merely a beginning. I hope some bright, inquisitive mind might one day embark on this scientific journey. The Chemistry and Physics embodying Solar Science has become my path. I also realize that everything is Solar Science. The nuclear and atomic structures of Chemistry and Physics are identical to those of Solar Science. Chemistry is Chemistry! It is the master of all Nature and the Universe. It is the Mother of us all. We have filed patents in this area and have many more inventions to file. Chemistry. Now to the argument at hand - magnetism is derived from iron (fe) 26 atoms and nickel (Ni) 28 atoms. Magnets occur naturally in Nature and the Universe but they are also manufactured mixing iron and nickel. Physics. When you rotate or motion magnet, loose particles in the magnet come to the surface called flux lines or electricity or electrons. Another way to think of it is that when magnet or magnetized particles move, they create electrical energy fields. The greatest scientist who ever lived made this discovery in the 1700s. His name was Michael Faraday. I could write 100 volumes (each a thousand pages) explaining the enormity of this discovery to the world of science and probably all those volumes still wouldn’t do justice. The primary Law of Nature and Universe is called The Motion of Mass, was first discovered by Faraday. Chemistry. The sun is made primarily of helium and hydrogen. Physics. As these elements move and collide, massive explosions erupt into trillions times trillions of electrical storms held together by magnetic or electromagnetic forces. The Chemistry of the Universe is the Chemistry of Earth and thus the Chemistry of Life. The sun is an electrical ball of thick plasma of fire. Its photons poured into Earth’s atmosphere and give us the light or electromagnetic radiation. Therefore Nature and the Universe are an electrical storm given birth to by the atomic and nuclear forces of Chemistry. This storm “Big Bang” is what creates the Universe and Earth. Chemistry. Earth’s inner core is made of iron. It is about 360 miles wide and so this core, mixed with the nickel in its crust, Earth is a natural generator of electricity or electromagnetic radiation. Earth is about 4.5 billion years old and so has lost much of her magnetism with the passage of time. Earth’s Diameter is 151,510 Sq. Miles and rotates every 23.89 hours. Every 1800 years the inner core of Earth turns more than Earth itself. Physics. Since Earth’s inner core is 360 mile wide and is a large, natural power generator, the electromagnetic radiation from Earth’s core interacts with the photons of the sun pouring down on Earth’s surface. Earth’s Doppler Effect (electromagnetic radiation) created by Earth’s rotation as it moves or travels through Space, generates massive amounts of chemical energy (physics) or “electrostatic force,” says Mousaa. This energy is what allows physicists to compute the speed of the Earth (also that of the Sun and the Solar System) through Space. This is determined to be about 250 miles per second. But “since all Motion is Relative, this speed is relative to the greatest benchmark imaginable, the average Speed of all Matter in the Universe!” So how does the radiation from the Doppler Effect (blue-hot and red-cold) traveling through Space at 250 miles per second, affect our every day life, and especially Diasporans? I am talking about the Law of the Motion of Mass - the primary Law of the Nature and the Universe. It is the only Law of Life that actually matters! All other laws are wholly subservient. This law and force is created by Chemistry and it is evident in Physics. This motion (blue-hot) that creates energy is what you have been learning thus far. All energy is electrical in nature and energy can only be created by motion. Conversely, if there’s no motion, there can be no energy (red-cold) and as a result there is only decadence or death. Now you’re wandering if I have lost my marbles. I have not. If you do not understand the argument thus far, you should go back and re-read all the above passages slowly and carefully. “The Milky Way Galaxy itself has an invisible electromagnetic field with flux lines we do not see. Again, it is rotating like a whirlpool with spiral arms outstretched for hundreds of millions of miles and whirling through space at about 180 miles per second.” “Swarms or waves of this electromagnetic field or electro-radioactive particles bombard Earth every second. They also swarm over and through all life forms. They penetrate us with microwaves of energy field, full blasts. But because we are electric beings of the sun and by the sun, this electromagnetic field doesn’t immediately kill us. But its radioactive toxicity shortens our lifespans when it reacts with the unstable elements that are at the foundation of human amino acids and biology. These highly reactive elements (especially when heated): nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, phosphorous etc., are the cornerstones of human Chemistry. Electromagnetic radiation makes all life forms (humans included) to age prematurely and die a tiny fraction of the lifespans of other atomic and nuclear structures in Nature and the Universe. Human organic chemistry is vulnerable to other elements and this accounts for our abbreviated lifespan on Earth. When God form our amino acids from nitrogen, phosphorous and other chemicals, He may have done so somewhere in the vast region of Lake Nalubaale. Perhaps with a smile, God elected to use the most reactive and unstable elements in the universe to form our DNA and RNA: hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorous, and oxygen. But God did not choose the noble elements like helium, krypton, neon, argon etc. that are neither reactive nor unstable. God loves his people volatile but exciting, unstable and hot-tempered at the same time, and then He threw in some creativity! And who would want and argue that the opposite was not both boring and uninspiring? Nevertheless, the radiation particles from the Milky Way swarming above Earth are dense. But it becomes thinner until it ends about 50,000 miles out in Space. This swarm is called the Magnetosphere (so named by an American scientist) and it is quite thinner in the Northern and Southern latitudes near the magnetic poles where the Earth’s magnetic field is the strongest. The reason it is thinner is because these electrically charged this electromagnetic particles or photons themselves have magnetism. As they arrive from the sun and begin to “cross” the Earth’s magnetic field, they are blocked in these Northern (N) and Southern (S) regions of Earth. Why? We at NuSpecies believe it is thinner in the N and S because Earth magnetic field disrupts it (recall Earth’s 360 iron core of magnetism), what Mousaa calls in his “the Inverse Square Law” the electrostatic force. Since less photons or light (radiation) is hitting Earth in these hemispheres, Earth is darker and colder in the N and S tips of Earth. The N and S are the coldest regions of Earth. Less radiation means less motion and therefore less motion means less energy. These regions also have less moisture and thus less oxygen to support the electrical energy fields mandatory for life to thrive en mass like the Equatorial regions of the Continents. Contrast the N and S with such Equatorial regions (Kenya, Congo, etc.) where rainforests and animal life thrive and swarm in Africa and South America’s Amazon Valley. Some life spans (plants or animals) are also generally shorter in colder climates probably because of the deficiency in oxygen and moisture. But like all “Motion”, this is also “Relative”. The exception is that creatures have evolved over thousands of years to subsist on less oxygen, such as the anaerobic rhizobium bacteria. Diasporans form their genetic Chemistry and Physics at or near the much warmer Equatorial regions. Ghana where many Diasporans are originally from, falls along the same land mass of the imaginary Equatorial line and not far from the Congo rainforests where plant and animal life team; not far from South Africa’s Kalahari and the Okavango where plant and animal life team; not far from Olduvai Gorge and the Rift Valley of Kenya to Tanzania where carbon-dating shows that life began; not far from Ngrongoro and the Serengeti where plant and animal life team during the rainy months. Even when Kalahari is hot and dry, oxygen and moisture fill the air with electrical life, again, unlike the farther away Northern and Southern hemispheres. Note that the Bushmen or the Khoikhoi in Southern African have the purest gene pool of all humans currently alive! Therefore, it is electricity that the sun gives to all life forms, including humans. But some life forms require more electricity than others, more moisture and oxygen than others. The sunlight is electrical life without which mankind will perish from the Earth. So then, all life forms are electrical beings. This is my syllogism: if the sun dies, we all die. If the sun moves a fraction further away, we all die. If the sun moves a fraction closer to Earth, we all die. Therefore, we are electrical beings of the sun! Diasporans probably require more electromagnetic radiation and oxygen to sustain better health and longer life. It is electromagnetic genes stupid! Genes formed and evolved in Africa probably from ten thousands to a million years ago (Blacks or Diasporans), versus genes formed in Africa and later evolved in the colder regions of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres about two hundred thousand years ago (Whites). It may take a white person a few hours in the sun to form adequate Vitamin D hormone. Conversely, twenty-four continuous hours of sunlight will not do the same for some Diasporans. So are Diasporans more genetically electromagnetic beings than other peoples of the colder climates? It seems like we need more sun and thus more electricity to feed our DNA and RNA. Do Diasporans require more sunlight, more photons, more electromagnetic radiation that translate into more motion for better and longer life? It seems so. In fact, it is absolutely clear that we do in both questions! The atomic and nuclear structures are the same for all races but at the Equator, the atomic and nuclear energy is more polarized by electromagnetic radiation or solar energy. Do Diasporans need much longer exposures to the sun’s photons or the sunlight? Do Diasporans need more electro to burn through our dark, brown, black skin to the dermis, beneath which lies the acids that will form Vitamin D hormones for ideal immune system (white blood cells) health? The answer is yes! Vitamin D hormones are essential to power all human immune systems functions. Without Vitamin D hormone, no human can effectively fight deadly toxic invaders like bacteria and viruses, or heavy chemicals and metals. Low Vitamin D hormone is an epidemic in Diaspora at epic proportions! These toxins and free radicals are responsible for probably 99% of all diseases. Without adequate D hormone, Diasporans’ troubles multiply exponentially. Deficiency in this extremely vital hormone lead to decay of the victim’s tissues and organs as they can no longer support the Chemistry and Physics of basic, elemental life. D hormone deficiency may lead to low white blood cell. This is a tragedy in Diaspora! Low white blood cells trigger numerous and terrible diseases placing life in jeopardy! The sun pours photons showers directly on the Equatorial regions, less troubled by the magnetic fields that haunt the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The sun light or photons are block by these magnetic fields in the N and S and so are bent and pushed away. When this happens, indirect and less sunlight or photons or electromagnetic radiation is reaching Earth in those regions. NuSpecies argues that the above discoveries are why many Diasporans living in these regions contract many chronic diseases and suffer premature deaths, more than other racial groups in the same regions. Nothing (plant or animal) can overcome the mandates of the genetic Chemistry and Physics. We cannot undo Big Bang. We cannot change the Motion of Mass. We cannot undo the energy fields being created by the Milky Way. We cannot change the Sun. Its magnetic fields are the chemical sources of all DNA and RNA on Earth. We cannot escape the Laws of Nature and the Universe. It is arrogant and unforgivable to presume otherwise! Human glands are the weakest organs in the body. They have less muscle structure and they are fatty and so they have less blood flow and will get less nutrients and oxygen. This is a matter of Chemistry and Physics. Diasporan women have the highest rates of autoimmune diseases such as lupus and multiple sclerosis in the world. Diasporan women have the most aggressive forms of gland diseases such as breasts and ovarian cancers in the world. These cancers of Diasporan women rapidly spread to other organs and the bones from mere months to a couple years. Some of these women are typically younger (20s, 30s, 40s) who die within 3 years. I have known of many who came to NuSpecies too late in their despair and we could not save them. Diasporan women have the highest rates of fibroids in the world. The list of the “most” for Diaspora is long! Diasporan men have the highest rates of Prostate gland diseases and Prostate cancer in the world. Caribbean men have the highest rates of prostate diseases and Prostate cancers in the world. Diasporans have the highest rates of Diabetes, Blood Pressure or Hypertension, Cholesterol, Arthritis in the world and prematurely die from these diseases or their complications more than any other racial groups. NuSpecies agrees with the US CDC findings. Though we do not monitor longevity or life spans of victims, NuSpecies’ many thousands of clients unfortunately reflect the above statistics. This is the reason we have made the NuSpecies lifestyle regimen rigid. It is necessary to help as many as possible! It is grounded in our discoveries in Chemistry and Physics. We are helping many thousands around the world to live better but more education and awareness are required to help even more. Pass along,, and Websites. Our NuScience articles offer you a long journey into knowledge that has only just begun. Solar Science and NuSpeciesianism are created for the well being of human and global health! By Aston Farquharson

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