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Two Important Announcements from Management

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
Two Important Announcements from Management

We have two important announcements to make, but firstly, we want to thank you.

Thank you for supporting NuSpecies. It’s an honor to serve your health needs. Where we’ve done well, we’re striving for the next level and where we need to improve, we’re going to. We always look forward to your feedback.

We’re writing this letter to explain why we’re offering an extended three week discount on all products. 

In a few weeks, two important changes that are vital to the health of NuSpecies’ will occur. We’d like to give you the opportunity to take advantage of this discount in the meantime.

Announcement #1

We’re launching a rewards program. Our rewards program will provide you with custom discounts based on how you engage with us. No more waiting. When you’ve earned a discount, you’ll get it automatically. Details to follow soon.

Announcement #2

NuSpecies hasn’t raised our prices in 15 years. If you’ve been around long enough, you may remember that one time we increased the price of the B-Vitamins.

We should’ve raised all of our prices periodically over the years, but not only did we not do that, we never raised our prices during the pandemic when our costs increased from our raw material suppliers, our product testing labs, and almost every one of our vendors and software providers.

In addition, Inflation has caused a huge impact on our production and manufacturing of NuSpecies products. We know you want NuSpecies to stand the test of time and support you, your children, and grandchildren to live better and longer lives. To do that, we have to responsibly and reasonably increase our pricing from time-to-time.

We’ll follow up soon with more details, but we can assure you that the price won’t increase on our products over $200.

If discounts like this one are important to you, we encourage you to take advantage of it during the extended period of time that we’re offering it to mitigate any impact these announcements may have on your NuSpecies regimen. Stock up with weeks or months supply if you can.

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  • Anthony Dunn on

    Already expensive

  • Cleveland Langley on

    Been using and supporting Nuspecies,for years, and their products have done wonders for me, so whatever they decide to do I’ll continue to support them

  • Derrick Davis on

    Thanks for sharing your information and giving us a heads up about the situation that’s coming.

  • George Williams on

    Great to hear about a reward program very good idea.

  • Joan ROSE on

    What’s recommended for controlling blood sugar

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