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Want to Eat More Raw? How to Avoid Temptation

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Want to Eat More Raw? How to Avoid Temptation
Food temptations are everywhere and you know it. Whether your food vice comes in the form of sweet confections, bites of crunchy salt-drenched snacks, a calorie-packed drink that only you can appreciate, or any number of unique and fattening choices, we have collected a comprehensive list of do’s and don’t’s to avoid your temptation and embrace being truly satisfied by nutrient-packed foods.
    • Dump it. Before you even go to the store, take a critical look at your cabinets and refrigerator and get rid of all the temptations you have been collecting (and maybe hiding,) throughout your home. If you are concerned about wasting food, give them to a shelter or someone in need. Think of it this way: you either decide to get them out of your house today or else they will be added to your waste line tomorrow. It’s time to get dedicated to your health and start taking action.
    • Make a List. Find some healthy recipes to try and write those ingredients down before going to the store. If you have a list of what you need, you are less likely to go down the aisles and pick up only what you want.
    • Eat First, Then Shop. We’ve all gone to the store when we have been hungry and have shopped with our eyes instead of our needs. Make sure to fuel up completely before going out into the aisles of the store! You will be less likely to buy the foods that you are craving, and more likely to stay on budget, too.
    • Enjoy! Once you get home, unload those groceries into your newly cleared refrigerator and cabinets and start to make those new recipes that you have found. Get excited. You’re making the right decision for your health.
    • Avoid Unhealthy Restaurants. So you went to the store, bought your fresh fruits and vegetables, but on your way home… you think, “I can not really eat that. There is nothing at home.” Already your appetite is happily skipping to the closest drive-thru or convenience store. DON’T DO IT! Just keep driving or walking, whatever you have to do to get back to your house and bask in the rainbow of produce you already bought yourself. It’s not about ignoring your hunger; it’s about providing your body with the nutrients it actually craves. If you can’t eat at home, avoid unhealthy restaurants and order food from places that specialize in salads and smoothies.
Next week, we’ll talk about how you can be more adventurous in the food aisles and at home!

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