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What are the top 3 things you love about yourself?

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
What are the top 3 things you love about yourself?
Today is a new opportunity to make a better choice for your health. We all have weaknesses and strengths. I know I spend too much time worrying about improving my weaknesses. Do you? Although we should be aware of our weaknesses and dedicate time to reflect on the value of investing time in improving them, today is about recognizing our strengths. We can make a lot more impact on our own lives and others, by refining and promoting our strengths. By pursuing goals that highlight and use our strengths. I spent so many years trying to improve my weaknesses that I didn’t even know what my strengths were! I actually took them for granted and wrote them off as part of my character and not as assets to be invested in and grown. Take some time today and think about what you do well, what is your positive and unique influence on others? If you’re always focusing on what’s wrong with your body and your appearance, today is the day to focus on what you actually like about yourself. I’m sure there is something - the shape of your nose, strong nails, soft skin, cute toes, nice teeth...don’t take it granted...celebrate it today. Want to get daily text reminders during our ReNu Challenges? Sign Up Want to stay be on the ReNu Challenge Email List? Join Here What is the ReNu Challenge? Many of us spend years of our lives living with an all-or-nothing mentality, especially when it comes to taking care of our health and our bodies. We’re either eating the “perfect” diet, following our NuSpecies programs, and exercising every day OR we act destructively, eating anything that is in front of us, not taking our NuSpecies, and not exercising, all while feeling guilty, ashamed, unhappy and unfulfilled. NuSpecies ReNu Challenge is a monthly reminder from Jillian, NuSpecies Co-Founder, that everyday is a new opportunity to make a better choice for your health. Every meal is a new opportunity! Just because you ate a bacon, egg and cheese for breakfast, doesn’t mean you can’t have a salad for lunch. Life isn’t black and white and living it on the all-or-nothing roller coaster isn’t sustainable. Each day during the week of Jillian’s ReNu Challenge, you’ll be challenged to take one simple action that serves your body and your health, no matter what else you did that day, allowing you to rebuild your health or change your lifestyle one step at a time.

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