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What is Cancer? Is there a cure?

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What is Cancer? Is there a cure?
Cancer is a malignant, genetic disorder that affects the whole body. When the immune system fails to fight off vicious attacks from free radicals, viruses, toxins, chemicals, bacteria, or heavy metals (together, hereinafter, referred to as “toxins”), the decaying state for cancer has already begun in the damaged tissues. Decay (inflammation or infection, hereinafter “infections”) results from the damage to the cells at the atomic and nuclear levels. Atoms are the smallest functional particles of human chemistry. They bond to form molecules, amino acids, cells and thus the basis of life itself. Atomic, molecular and cellular systems (tissues) become inflamed and then infected; they decay with the spread of the bacterial or viral germs forming part of the inflamed infection. When tissue decays, that tissue is already in a state of dying or death. The ultimate and final stage of decay is death unless the body is provided the natural tools to cure or fix the decay. When the germs or viruses defecate, they give birth to microbes. Microbes are even more microscopic than their parents and by far more powerful. The foods of microbes are less the elastic, molecular tissues forming human flesh, and more the chemistry that gives Life: the elements, chemicals and metals. They ingest these metals and toxins stored by our cells, such as mercury and iron. Our cells are mostly empty space occupied by hydrogen and oxygen (water); the reason humans are about 80% water. These microbes burrow from the decaying cells or tissues into the atoms and genes. Genes are the most critical regions of a cell and are where life actually begins. The microbes create biological mayhem for the body when they disturb these atoms and genes. Once the body’s organic chemistry, (the elements that make life), is disrupted and the physics, (kinetic energy that powers life), are negatively impacted when chemical bonds are destroyed, the cells and tissues are now in a diseased state of decay and death. At the atomic level, nuclear or gene malignancy can become irreversible and at that point, death is certain. The molecular system of the atom and cell, at this stage, will no longer function in accordance with the Laws of Chemistry and Physics. Once this malignancy occurs and perpetuates itself, the condition called cancer results when the immune system fails to detox and rebuild from the damages to these organic Chemical bonds. Rightly so, there can be no synthetic inorganic cure for cancer. Also, there can be no such synthetic inorganic remedy for cancer. Destroying the infectious mass or the tumor where cancer manifests itself does not mean the cancer is cured or remedied. Cancer is an organic condition of the whole body where trillion of cells may be impaired and or have become malignant. In the annals of true organic Chemistry and Physics, only the body or the body’s immune system can cure or remedy cancer. However, if synthetic chemicals can successfully eradicate the mass of malignancy, then the host has an opportunity to detoxify and cleanse the body. The host can then rebuild the whole body from the destruction of the decay. The body will undoubtedly take a much longer time to cure itself, as it must first detoxify these synthetic chemicals. If you are afflicted by cancer, don’t panic and never give up hope. Never give in! You are at war against resilient, malignant genes that have gone wild in your body. If you can walk, you can easily succeed in fighting off this disease. If you use pharmaceutical medicine as part of your healing regimen, you must also unleash your own body’s natural healing systems to ultimately win the fight. Have you ever heard the saying, remissive cancer returns with a vengeance? Nonsense! Diseases are cured only when the body detoxifies itself and cures itself by its special immune systems’ enzymes. The body will detox, cleanse and rebuild itself using, among others, dismutase, catalase and glutathione enzymes. But this healing can only occur if you give the body the natural, organic means it requires for subsistence. The body requires this subsistence on a daily basis. AGAIN, even if you are using pharmaceutical medicine as part of your regimen, you must still unleash your own body’s natural healing systems because only the body can cure itself! Some elect to do surgery or overdose in meds because their suffering has become great but they are merely sowing the wind and later will reap the whirlwind with a premature lifetime of medications and suffering. There is no shortcut to a long, vibrant life. Resist the quick fixes and instant gratification of modern and mass cultures. It takes the body years to inflame then become infected with diseased conditions. It may take years for the body to completely reverse the infection. There is no regrowth of removed organs or glands, with limited exceptions. NuSpecies has gained this enormous knowledge from NuSpecies’ many thousands of clients (NuSpeciesians) globally. NuSpecies is a true American Legend: invented in America, designed in America, made in America. NuSpeciesians and those who live on the NuSpecies Lifestyle are America’s Next Generation, the World’s Greatest Generation! NuSpecies’ secret formulas are extracts, in certain instances, of the whole plants (balks, leaves, roots, seeds, fruits) that retain their enzymes. The formulas are Natural, Organic, Raw, Liquid, Living nutrition with the plants’ own immune systems’ phytochemicals employed to unleash and fuel humans’ own immune systems’ Detoxification and Antioxidant enzyme systems. Listen to NuSpecies success stories and testimonials at and NuSpeciesians who consistently use our recommended packages have empowered their body’s healing and immune systems so that they can live a better, longer and more vibrant Life! Your cancer is not a terminus. Use NuSpecies to mount your ultimate challenge to overcome this manmade disaster. If you believe and have faith, you will prevail.

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