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Vitamin E 1 oz

Vitamin E 1 oz


Organic Ingredients:
•Pure Vitamin E Oil (D-Alpha Tocopherols)
•Naturally extracted from non GMO soy
•Serving Size: 2 drops
•Servings per Container: 193
•120 IU per serving
•Each drop provides 60 IU of pure Vitamin E

Healthful Aging
• Vitamin E prevents mental degeneration from aging.
• There is significant evidence that Vitamin E may slow the progression of aging when ingested.

Strong DNA, Cells and Tissues:
• There is significant evidence that Vitamin E can protect against heart disease.
• Vitamin E supports the body in alleviating blood clots and helps to avoid the aggregation of platelets within the body.
• Vitamin E has excellent antioxidant properties that are important to cell membranes. It helps to protect your cells from inflammation and damage from toxins within the body. Vitamin E prohibits the toxins ability to contribute to the underlying causes of cancers and mutations.
• Vitamin E protects lung cells that are in constant contact with oxygen.
• Vitamin E protects digestive cells that are in contact with bacteria and acids.
• Vitamin E protects white blood cells that help fight disease.
• It’s important to support and protect these cells and organs because if they become damaged, it’s more likely your body will develop a disease state.
• Vitamin E also helps to keep the nervous system healthy by protecting the myelin sheaths that surround nerves.

• When Vitamin E is used for scarring, it’s best used before the wound heals.
• When applied topically, Vitamin E is an excellent skin protector and preserver.
• Vitamin E can help to diminish the look and feel of scars.
• Vitamin E works well as a sealant and moisturizer for dry skin.