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Are You Alive? Your Food Should Be Too.

Posted by Jillian Pelliccio on
Are You Alive? Your Food Should Be Too.
Today is a new opportunity to make a better choice for your health. Don’t let perfection be the enemy of progress. Eat some raw veggies with one of your meals. It doesn’t matter what you’re eating for lunch or dinner, just make sure you add some raw veggies to your plate. Even most fast food places have salads on the menu these days - eat the salad first and think of the burger and fries like dessert. Cooking at home? Look at your plate, is it various shades of brown and white? If you went a national park, a place of beauty, nature and health and only saw shades of brown and white, you’d either assume it’s winter (when life is either hibernating or dead) or you’d think something was very wrong. This applies to your meals too! Add some color today. Before you go home, stop at the grocery and pick up some color, chop it up and add it to your plate in it’s raw form. Some suggestions:
  • Avocado
  • Tomato
  • Romaine or Iceberg lettuce
  • Red onion
  • Bell pepper
  • Carrot
  • Whatever you like! Don’t over think it, just get it in your belly!
Want to get daily text reminders during our ReNu Challenges? Sign Up Want to stay be on the ReNu Challenge Email List? Join Here What is the ReNu Challenge? Many of us spend years of our lives living with an all-or-nothing mentality, especially when it comes to taking care of our health and our bodies. We’re either eating the “perfect” diet, following our NuSpecies programs, and exercising every day OR we act destructively, eating anything that is in front of us, not taking our NuSpecies, and not exercising, all while feeling guilty, ashamed, unhappy and unfulfilled. NuSpecies ReNu Challenge is a monthly reminder from Jillian, NuSpecies Co-Founder, that everyday is a new opportunity to make a better choice for your health. Every meal is a new opportunity! Just because you ate a bacon, egg and cheese for breakfast, doesn’t mean you can’t have a salad for lunch. Life isn’t black and white and living it on the all-or-nothing roller coaster isn’t sustainable. Each day during the week of Jillian’s ReNu Challenge, you’ll be challenged to take one simple action that serves your body and your health, no matter what else you did that day, allowing you to rebuild your health or change your lifestyle one step at a time.

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